Park Min Young Diet: Hallyu Star's Extreme Diet For the Kdrama Healer

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Rom-com Kdrama fans are undoubtedly familiar with Hallyu star Park Min Young.

Debuting as a commercial model, her first big break as an actress was the historical coming-of-age Kdrama Sungkyunkwan Scandal with fellow top stars Yoo Ah In, Song Joong Ki, and Park Yoo Chun.

Although viewers often see the 36-year-old beauty headline romantic comedy series, she perfectly portrays every single character, whether a Presidential Security Service member or a sassy secretary.

From City Hunter with Lee Min Ho to the mega-hit Kdrama What's Wrong with Secretary Kim with Park Seo Joon to her recent series Forecasting Love and Weather with Song Kang, she really showed that she's an all-around superstar.

However, she once spoke about shedding off some weight to fit her character in the 2014 series Healer.

Park Min Young Diet

According to Daily Vanity, the 36-year-old actress had to follow a strict diet plan in order to lose weight.

Surprisingly, it was the first time that she had to undergo a restrictive diet for a role.

Per the outlet, Park Min Young's diet consists of eating nothing but apples and water for three days as she needed to shed some pounds fast.

Since this diet trick is not advisable as it lacks essential nutrients needed by the body, the actress makes sure that she doesn't only maintain her visuals through diet, but she follows it up with exercise.

For her, discipline is the key to maintaining a slim physique. It is also the reason why she is loved by fashion and health brands since she exudes a healthy image.

On the other hand, the actress tells Cleo Singapore that one of her preparations for a new drama or movie is by going on a diet and working out.

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Park Min Young Workout Routine

On her YouTube channel where she posts random things about her life, Park Min Young once shared her favorite workout technique–and that is dancing.

Shared by her agency, Namoo Actors, Park Min Young flaunts her dancing skills alongside choreographer and professional dancer May J Lee of 1Million Dance Studio in Seoul.

The duo danced to Ariana Grande's God is a Woman and Touch by Little Mix. She may be no Blackpink or Twice, but Park Min Young got moves.

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