Park Min Young, Park Seo Joon Dating Rumors: Forecasting Love and Weather Star Breaks Silence Over Alleged Romance

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Credit: 그냥, 박민영 Just Parkminyoung/YouTube Screenshot

Park Min Young finally breaks her silence over her alleged romance with Park Seo Joon. These two worked together in the 2018 office drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? and their acting skills proved to be effective with the relationship rumors surrounding them.

So, what’s the truth about it? Park Min Young and Park Seon Joon are good actors to make everyone believe they are in love.

Park Min Young, Park Seo Joon’s Alleged Romance

The rumors began when an article claimed the two K-drama stars had been dating for quite a while already. However, the two’s respective agencies cleared the air about it and the Park Seo Joon himself.

Now, it is time for Park Min Young to tell her truth. In an interview, via Koreaboo, the 36-year-old star admitted she went on a date in secret, but it was not with the Parasite star.

“I tried having secret relationships, but it was not with Park Seo Joon,” she said. “[Park Seo Joon and I] never met overseas. If we were a secret couple, why would I put a photo of it on Instagram? I wouldn’t have left any traces.”

She also cleared that they did not have any matching-couple items. The alleged match-up was only a coincidence and the so-called couple trip was actually with her mom.

“You can clearly tell that these ‘evidences’ [Sic] were forced, but people started believing them,” she added. “Should I call it the box of evidences? [Sic] (laugh) I looked through them, and there’s no truth to any one of them. There’s no truth to the shoes, hats, or anything.”

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Park Min Young’s mom was even willing to show her passport to the public to prove that they were together on a vacation. “They compiled a lot of so-called evidences [Sic] that had no credibility, and I felt horribly misunderstood,” she continued.

She also revealed the dating rumors had overshadowed the staff and other actors’ efforts to make the show believable. So, she issued an apology to everyone for the scandal and hoped everyone’s interest would return to their shows and not to the artists’ alleged romance.

“The dating rumors started as soon as the drama ended, and I felt so guilty that it cast a shadow over the drama,” she said. “I hope that this interview will help the source of interest to turn back towards the success of the drama.”

Park Min Young cleared that the dating rumors were not true and she was not getting married anytime soon—not even to Park Seo Joon.

Park Min Young and Her Workplace Love Stories

Office romantic dramas seem to be on the rise today and they may have been kicked off by Park Min Young herself. After What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?, opposite Park Seo Joon, and now in Forecasting Love and Weather, with Song Kang, she may have the crown for the workplace love stories, per Indian Express.

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However, the actress is not afraid of being typecast, as she perfectly knows what she is doing. She knows she cannot only be put in one genre as she is confident with her acting talent and can do anything that a series demands.

She can create strong chemistry with any actor she works with, and the rumors surrounding Park Min Young are ample proof.

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