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Palace to Fire Back at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Royals Reportedly Sitting on the Bullying Report That Is Highly Critical of the Duchess of Sussex

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The royal family might fire back at Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle following the drama brought on by their Netflix docuseries, according to a report.

Buckingham Palace To Release The Bullying Report Against Meghan Markle Following Harry & Meghan?

Edward Coram James, a PR, reputation and crisis management expert, weighed in on how the Sussexes' docuseries has affected the royal family. He described Harry & Meghan as the "apex and crescendo moment in a slowly building crisis that has been developing for over two years."

The PR expert believed that Vol. II of the docuseries would include "explosive" revelations. However, The Palace is reportedly not letting the royal couple go unscathed because they are "sitting on" the bullying report against Markle.

"The royals are currently sitting on a report that is likely to be highly critical of the Duchess of Sussex, with many former royal aides that have come forward to accuse her of bullying," the PR expert and Go Up CEO told Express.

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"I do not believe that the Royal Family has buried this report to protect Meghan's image. It is more likely that they will have felt that there has not yet been a good timing moment to release it yet."

He added that releasing the report immediately in the aftermath of the couple's interview with Oprah Winfrey would make them "petty and vengeful." Also, doing so would undermine the integrity of the report.

"I do not expect them to release it in the immediate aftermath of the current crisis either, for the same reasons. The Palace are experts at crisis management," he added.

"I believe that this report will be published at some point, but it will be at a time in which it will hold the most gravity, and for that, the current scandals need to blow over."

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What To Expect In The Bullying Report Involving Meghan Markle?

Buckingham Palace launched an investigation after allegations that Meghan Markle drove out two personal assistants and "humiliated" other royal staffers on several occasions. The investigation concluded earlier this year, but The Palace decided to keep the results private. However, it reportedly prompted some changes to the "policies and procedures" of the monarchy's HR department, unnamed sources told The Sunday Times.

"Recommendations will be taken forward," another source told Daily Beast after several reports that The Palace decided to bury the results of the investigation, "Lessons have been learned."

Markle's spokesperson had previously denied the bullying allegations, calling it a "calculated smear campaign."

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What Did The Netizens Say About The Palace's Decision To Keep The Investigation Private?

Twitter users have mixed opinions after learning that The Palace decided to keep the results of its investigation private.

"So Buckingham Palace leaked the existence of a bullying investigation (4 days before the Oprah interview) but not the results? Excuse me, but this is BULLS--T. Meghan has been bullied by the royal family and didn't say half what she went through in the interview," one Twitter user wrote.

"Accusing Meghan of bullying staff and publicly announcing you are opening up an investigation, two days before she was going to expose you for neglect and mental abuse… Now, you don't want to release the findings 'cause you KNOW you lied… That's interesting," another person tweeted.

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Several netizens also defended The Palace's decision.

"I think some people in these replies need to stop rewriting history. The royal family didn't accuse Meghan of anything. The Times and Valentine Low issued the bullying story. And they weren't sued for it by a highly litigious couple. That says it all right there," one person commented.

"The palace always goes by, 'Don't dump your rubbish outside your own door.' Meghan will get shafted somehow soon, but it won't be The Palace that does it," another claimed.

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