Overwatch 2 Reveals Surprise One-Punch Man Crossover

Overwatch One-Punch Man Saitama

Overwatch One-Punch Man Saitama

Overwatch may be known for its various creative skins, but this one might just be the most unexpected yet. Recently, Blizzard revealed details about Overwatch 2 Season 3, and it will feature a One-Punch Man collab.

While One-Punch Man is a popular series that has collaborated with various popular games, this is the first time that the iconic anime has teamed up with Blizzard’s hero shooter.

This collab’s highlight is a skin for Doomfist, though there will also be more that will be revealed closer to the crossover start date.

One-Punch Man Games and Collabs

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It’s fair to say that One-Punch Man continues to be one of the most popular anime and manga series globally.

The series’ popularity began with the first season of the TV anime that was released in 2015.

The franchise’s popularity skyrocketed following the anime’s release, so much so that even the manga remake that’s illustrated by Yusuke Murata also got a lot of attention.

As the manga continues its serialization and with the anime getting a third season, it might come as a surprise to some that the original web manga by ONE is still ongoing.

One-Punch Man fans have been treated to various collabs with other games over the years, though it’s the first time that it has collaborated with Overwatch.

This is a surprise given how Overwatch has never really gotten collaborations with non-Blizzard IPs.

This might mean Overwatch fans should expect to see more, though probably not to the level of Fortnite.

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Overwatch 2 x One-Punch Man Crossover

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In the Season 3 sizzle reel, Blizzard revealed the centerpiece of the crossover, which is none other than a Doomfist skin that’s based on Saitama’s iconic yellow outfit.

Doomfist is the perfect character for a Saitama skin considering how his main attack is punching enemies, though his robotic arm may be more reminiscent of Genos. He’s also bald, a characteristic that he shares with Saitama.

The collab won’t just feature one skin though, as there will also be skins for more characters as well as other cosmetics. But the details will be revealed closer to its launch date.

Fans won’t have to wait too long though, as the Overwatch 2 x One-Punch Man collab will go live on March 7, 2023. It will run in-game for all players until April 6, 2023.

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