Outlander Season 6 Spoilers: Claire Will Change, And So is Her Relationship with Jamie

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There's no better time to start plotting a course for the future than now, with the launch of Outlander Season 6 coming in March. Despite the fact that the season is only eight episodes long, it will be packed with content.

Everyone at Fraser's Ridge will be grappling with the impending Revolutionary War, but Claire Fraser will also be dealing with the trauma of the past — most notably, the horrific events of the Season 5 finale.

So, what does Caitriona Balfe have to say about the upcoming material? She helped to break down some of that in a new interview with Gold Derby.


A Different Claire

Claire, according to Balfe, will take a long time to recover from the events of Season 5's finale. She has a reputation for being stubborn, but she doesn't allow herself the time to be so.

One of the things she discovers is that her old ways of dealing with things, her old coping techniques — primarily compartmentalizing and not truly dealing with things — are no longer serving her well. She's learning new things about herself, and as a result, her and Jamie's relationship will have to change as well.

“I’m really excited. I got to explore some things with Claire this season that I haven’t before,” Balfe told the outlet. “When you’re talking about a sixth season of a TV show and you get to find out new things about your character and explore them in a new way, that’s amazing.”

What to Expect in Outlander Season 6

One of the things that makes Outlander such a unique series is its evolution. Every season of the show has stood out, whether it's because of the setting or the emotional stakes for the characters.

Seasons 4 and 5 were the first two to spend their whole runs in the same location, but the show still managed to make them stand out. Season 4 focused on the creation of a home, while Season 5 explored if it could be stabilized and preserved. As for Season 6, we’re all looking forward and quite anxious about the changes Balfe has revealed.

Outlander Season 6 will air in March 2022.