Oshi no Ko Taps Chainsaw Man Singer for Ending Theme

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Oshi no Ko Ending Queen Bee Kana Arima
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With the show’s premiere just a month away, it has been revealed that the Oshi no Ko anime ending theme will be performed by the popular Japanese band Queen Bee.

The ending song performer was unveiled on the anime’s official website and shared by Queen Bee singer Avu-chan and manga illustrator Mengo Yokoyari on Twitter.


Oshi no Ko’s announcement did not come with a snippet for the ending song, but given Queen Bee’s body of work, the track is guaranteed to be a banger.

Queen Bee’s Anime Hits

oshi no ko ai hoshino

Many anime fans are no doubt familiar with Queen Bee as the band has performed various anime songs over the past years.

Their latest work is for Chainsaw Man as the band performed the ending song entitled Violence.

Though Queen Bee is only one of 12 artists and bands that were tapped to make songs for the anime.


Even before Chainsaw Man, Queen Bee worked with the anime studio MAPPA for the 2019 anime Dororo.

Specifically, the band performed the anime’s second opening song entitled Kane (aka Fire).

The band’s singer, Avu-chan, has also worked on various anime titles herself.

She lent her vocals to the song Devilman no Uta in Devilman Crybaby. She also reunited with Devilman director Masaaki Yuasa in the anime film Inu-Oh.

Now, the band is confirmed to provide the ending song for the upcoming drama anime series Oshi no Ko.

Though we have to wait until AnimeJapan 2023 to hear the song in full.

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Oshi no Ko Ending Theme Announcement

oshi no ko anime ai hoshino

Recently, the first proper trailer for the anime was released, showing off brand-new footage that highlights the show’s characters.

It also revealed that the opening song will be performed by YOASOBI.

For the ending, Queen Bee’s song is entitled Mephisto, which is interesting given how ominous it is. In a way, it’s fitting for the anime given its darker elements.


Aside from the popular song performers, the Oshi no Ko anime also has several popular voice cast members, including Rie Takahashi as Ai Hoshino.

Avu-chan’s distinct vocals and the band’s unique sound have made them popular with both Japanese listeners and anime fans.

While their style isn’t exactly related to a typical idol song, it’ll be interesting to hear their ending song nonetheless.

Oshi no Ko will premiere in April with a 90-minute first episode. However, the first episode will get a screening in select Japanese cinemas on March 17 ahead of its broadcast.

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Source: Oshi no Ko anime website