Oshi no Ko Co-Creator Shares Beautiful Power Fanart

Oshi no Ko Power Fanart

Oshi no Ko Power Fanart

Lots of Chainsaw Man fanart are shared online daily, but this one might be one of the prettiest. Recently, Oshi no Ko co-creator Mengo Yokoyari shared her latest fanart of Power to the delight of many Chainsaw Man fans.

While there are lots of dedicated Chainsaw Man fans out there, Yokoyari may just be one of the biggest.

Despite working on a weekly title, she still finds time to draw her favorite characters from the manga.

Mengo Yokoyari – Professional Chainsaw Man Fan Artist

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Mengo Yokoyari is best known as the co-creator of the drama manga series Oshi no Ko.

Specifically, she is the manga’s illustrator while the writer is Aka Akasaka of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War fame.

Before Oshi no Ko, Yokoyari has also worked on other titles, the most popular of which is Scum’s Wish.

Despite being a busy artist though, Yokoyari still finds time to profess her love of Chainsaw Man on her Twitter account.

This isn’t a new thing though as Yokoyari has been sharing beautiful fanart of characters like Aki and Makima for years now.

Here’s a quick selection of some of her works:

Yokoyari has been so prolific in creating art for the series that she’s often been dubbed as a professional Chainsaw Man fan artist.

Aside from artworks, Yokoyari is also noted for gushing about Chainsaw Man in between promoting her work.

Thankfully, the two titles are both under Shueisha, so her editors have no issue with this cross-promotion.

Her love of anything and everything Chainsaw Man isn’t just apparent from her Twitter account though.

Oshi no Ko readers have also likely spotted the cheeky reference in one of the series' latest chapters.

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Oshi no Ko Co-Creator’s Power Fanart

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While Yokoyari has spent a lot of time lately promoting the upcoming Oshi no Ko anime, she’s back in her old ways with a new fanart of Power.

This impressive artwork features Power drawn in Yokoyari’s beautiful art style, complete with a contemporary streetwear outfit.

As the Blood Devil though, Power’s hands are bloody here.

Again, Yokoyari making fanart like this isn’t new, so fans weren’t surprised to see her back at it with another piece.

Though it seems that fans are really loving this latest work, with some even saying that this looks even better than the original.

While Power likely won’t be seen again in anime form anytime soon, both Oshi no Ko and Chainsaw Man manga are simulpub English releases on Manga Plus.

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