Oshi no Ko Original Soundtrack to Release This Month

Oshi no Ko Original Soundtrack Ai Hoshino

Oshi no Ko Original Soundtrack Ai Hoshino

While there’s no new episode this week, fans can at least look forward to the Oshi no Ko Original Soundtrack, which is set to release later this month.

The anime’s official soundtrack was revealed via the show’s official Twitter account. There, it was revealed that fans will be able to listen to the original tracks made for the series in just a few weeks.

This soundtrack is not the first music release for Oshi no Ko though, as other singles are also scheduled to launch soon.

Oshi no Ko Features Various Catchy Songs

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It may not be your usual idol anime like BanG Dream! or Love Live!, but Oshi no Ko still pulled out all the stops for its music. This makes sense given that the series is about the idol industry.

They may not have appeared long in the anime, but Ai Hoshino’s idol group B-Komachi got three original songs that were used in the feature-length premiere.

Not only that, but the songs also got official dance videos so fans can recreate the dances. And while the songs have yet to be released officially, they will soon get CD releases in Japan this July.

Then there are the opening and ending themes. It’s fair to say that the opening song, Idol, by YOASOBI is one of the biggest songs of the season as it has topped Japanese charts for weeks after its release.

Meanwhile, the ending song, Mephisto, by Queen Bee has also gotten a lot of attention, especially with how it’s tied into the recent big moments in the anime.

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Oshi no Ko Original Soundtrack to Release This June

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While the original songs have gotten a lot of attention, the anime’s soundtrack will finally get the spotlight.

That’s because the Oshi no Ko Original Soundtrack will be released on June 28.

While it’s called a soundtrack, it might be more accurate to call it a score, given that it features the songs used within the anime.

The show’s soundtrack is made by Takuro Iga, a music composer who has worked on various anime shows over the years, including Slow Loop and I've Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills.

The soundtrack is confirmed to be distributed on June 28, though there’s no info yet on where it will be available.

It’s likely that the soundtrack will be released globally on Spotify though, as is the case for most anime music.

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