Oshi no Ko Fans Accused of Cyberbullying Critics of Cyberbullying Storyline

Oshi no Ko Cyberbullying Akane

Oshi no Ko Cyberbullying Akane

Oshi no Ko has become one of the most talked about shows of the Spring 2023 season. But now, the show has become the center of controversy as certain Oshi no Ko fans have been criticized for cyberbullying following the recent Akane Kurokawa storyline.

Following the grim story arc of Akane, a complaint was published by the Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization (BPO) regarding an incident of cyberbullying.

Spoiler Warning: There are Oshi no Ko spoilers in this article.

Akane Kurokawa’s Cyberbullying Storyline Criticized

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Following the events of Oshi no Ko's sixth episode which showed Akane’s suicide attempt, many viewers discussed the parallels between the episode and the real-life tragedy of Hana Kimura.

Specifically, many believe that the tragic events behind Kimura’s suicide after participating in the reality show Terrace House were a major source of inspiration for the anime.

None of the series’ creators and staff members said that Kimura was an inspiration, though the parallels and ensuing discourse prompted a strong response from Hana Kimura’s mother.

After the episode aired, Kimura’s mother slammed the show, saying that she despises it for using Kimura’s death as inspiration.

She also criticized the show for airing the episode close to Kimura’s death anniversary.

Aside from her mother, other relatives and people close to Kimura expressed their discomfort online regarding the episode.

Following criticisms from Kimura’s mother, some fans defended the show’s portrayal of the events.

Though in a recent report, it seems that a certain section of the show’s fanbase has taken things too far.

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Complaints Published Against Fans Who Cyberbullied Oshi no Ko Critics

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In a report by BPO, complaints were published detailing how those who criticized the episode received excessive harassment from a certain section of the Oshi no Ko fanbase.

The complaints also questioned the production company and the broadcaster of the anime as to why this issue wasn’t addressed.

Following the report, fans on Reddit expressed how ironic the situation is given the message of the show.

Fans in a discussion thread about the news also expressed their frustration with these toxic members of the fanbase.

While not shown on all platforms, on HIDIVE, the episode features a public service announcement about suicide to acknowledge the events of Episode 6.

Oshi no Ko will continue with Episode 9, which will be released next week.

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Source: BPO via Anime News Network

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