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Hana Kimura's Mother Despises Oshi no Ko Suicide Storyline

Oshi no Ko Suicide Akane

Oshi no Ko Episode 6 received near-unanimous praise from fans despite how hard it was to watch. Though Oshi no Ko is under fire from Hana Kimura’s mother for its suicide storyline.

Following the episode’s release, the mother of Hana Kimura shared how she despised the show’s story and that it is deeply hurtful for herself and Hana Kimura’s fans.

Spoiler Warning: There are Oshi no Ko Episode 6 spoilers in this article.

Oshi no Ko: Akane’s Story Likened to Hana Kimura’s Tragedy

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In Oshi no Ko's sixth episode, Akane Kurokawa is shown struggling to get screen time in the dating reality show.

Because of this, she tries to make an active move on one of her co-stars, though this results in an accident.

While her co-star, Yuki, quickly forgives Akane for accidentally scratching her, the internet does not.

Akane soon received a ton of hate, including death threats online for her actions, sending her into a depressive spiral.

It hasn’t been confirmed by the series’ creators, but many believe this storyline is inspired by what happened to Hana Kimura when she joined the reality show Terrace House in 2020.

Kimura was a pro wrestler who joined the reality series, and in one episode, she was shown in a heated argument with one of her housemates. This caused many viewers to send hate messages toward her.

Soon after this incident, Kimura was reported dead, which was then ruled as a suicide.

While what happened is not a one-to-one recount of Kimura’s tragic incident, many consider it close enough to say that it’s a major inspiration for Oshi no Ko.

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Hana Kimura’s Mother Shares Her Scathing Thoughts on Oshi no Ko

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Hana Kimura’s mother, Kyoko, has continued to be active on Twitter. And soon after the episode aired, she shared her scathing remarks on the series.

She specifically mentioned that the show was aired close to Kimura’s death anniversary, indicating that it was a way to become a hot topic.

She further added that she despises the show for using Kimura’s death as material.

Meanwhile, some Oshi no Ko fans defended the series, stating that it was just unfortunate timing.

Plus, some believe that this part of the manga was conceptualized even before Kimura’s tragic incident.

Oshi no Ko’s grim storyline will continue in the next episode, which will be released later today.

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