Onimai Stars Hope Controversial Series Teaches Men About Women's Daily Issues

Onimai I'm Now Your Sister Mahiro

Onimai I'm Now Your Sister Mahiro

The new comedy anime series Onimai: I'm Now Your Sister! premiered recently. To mark its release, a new interview with the two main Onimai stars was released, and it revealed how they hope the show can teach men about the issues that women face.

This new interview was made by Animate Times, and it features Marika Kono along with Kaori Ishihara, the voice actresses of Mahiro Oyama and Mihari Oyama, respectively.

Onimai I'm Now Your Sister anime Mahiro
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It may not be one of the most anticipated shows of the season, but the new Onimai anime is getting some buzz among fans of “cute girls doing cute things” (or CGDCT) shows.

Unlike other CGDCT shows though, Onimai is a bit different as it also integrates the gender bender trope that’s used in other anime like Saga of Tanya the Evil or the classic Ranma ½.

Specifically, the show follows Mahiro Oyama, an otaku who loves playing eroge titles. Though he soon wakes up as a young girl.

It turns out that his scientist younger sister, Mihari, turned him into a middle school girl.

The show’s manga source material is mainly a comedic slice-of-life, meaning it’s not the most serious story out there.

But fans praise the series for its cute and surprisingly well-thought-out scenarios.

Because of this, the anime adaptation’s stars revealed in the interview how they hope that this can be an eye-opener for male viewers, especially when it comes to the issues that women face.

Onimai Voice Cast Interview

Onimai I'm Now Your Sister mihari
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At the start of the interview, Mahiro VA Marika Kono revealed how she “discovered a lot about herself” while reading the manga.

Specifically, she thought that the manga was able to show the things that are inconvenient for women in daily life.

Kaori Ishihara, Mihari's VA, also echoed this sentiment as she mentioned a specific scenario in the series that she wished guys can understand.

This scene shows the women’s restroom being crowded, which is something that rarely ever happens in men’s restrooms.

Both Onimai stars hope that these kinds of depictions in the anime can help male viewers understand and empathize with the challenges that women face.

After all, the show’s main character also discovers this in his new life as a middle school girl.

New episodes of Onimai: I'm Now Your Sister! are released every week on Crunchyroll as part of the platform’s Winter 2023 lineup.

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Source: Animate Times

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