One Piece Guide: The Ultimate Filler List

One Piece Guide: The Ultimate Filler List

One Piece Guide: The Ultimate Filler List

With more than 1,000 episodes, new viewers might be overwhelmed to watch One Piece. But there is a way to finish it quickly: by skipping the filler episodes. As such, this ultimate One Piece filler list will help viewers focus on the canon events without feeling overwhelmed by the anime's considerable episode count.

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Can You Skip One Piece Filler Episodes?

Can You Skip Filler Episodes?
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A filler is an episode that is unrelated to the story's progress. As such, there are no character developments and no significant changes in these episodes. Sometimes, filler episodes simply contain flashbacks or recaps.

This is why fillers are safe to skip. Viewers get everything from the main story, although they still have the option to watch them if they enjoy seeing their favorite characters.

In the case of One Piece, the fillers add to the immense number of episodes to watch, causing some interested viewers to opt out of watching the anime at all.

By skipping these episodes, viewers can focus on the main storyline and even catch up to the latest season if they watch continuously.

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One Piece Filler Episodes List

One Piece Filler List
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Below is the official filler list of One Piece. Since the adventure anime is still ongoing, we will add new filler episodes (if there are any) to this list:

  • Episodes 54-60
  • Episodes 98-99
  • Episode 102
  • Episodes 131-143
  • Episodes 196-206
  • Episodes 279-283
  • Episodes 291-292
  • Episode 303
One Piece Filler
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  • Episodes 317 to 319
  • Episodes 326-336
  • Episodes 382-384
  • Episodes 406-407
  • Episodes 426-429
  • Episodes 457-458
  • Episode 492
  • Episode 542
One Piece Filler Episodes
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  • Episodes 575-578
  • Episode 590
  • Episodes 626-627
  • Episodes 747-750
  • Episodes 780-782
  • Episodes 895-896
  • Episode 907
  • Episodes 1029-1031

Most of these episodes are just recaps of other previous episodes to help viewers understand the current story arc.

Some episodes cover the individual stories of each character, assisting viewers in learning more about the One Piece characters' different personalities.

In some cases, some filler episodes are made to relate the movie to the anime.

One Piece Yuta
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An example of this is the Legendary Log! Red-Haired Shanks! (Episodes 1030-1031). It connects the One Piece Red movie to the anime for added continuity, although these episodes are not canon.

Once you can determine which is a filler episode and which is a canon episode, watching One Piece will be smooth and easy.

You can always go back and watch the filler episodes whenever you want to or when you miss the Straw Hats.

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