One Piece Film: Red Gets US Digital Release This Month

One Piece Film: Red Digital Release Uta

One Piece Film: Red Digital Release Uta

After the film’s theatrical run officially ended in late January, Toei Animation announced that One Piece Film: Red will be released digitally in the US and other countries later this month.

With its upcoming digital release, fans who missed out on seeing it in cinemas and those who want to relive Uta’s story will soon be able to do so at home.

The film will be released on a variety of platforms digitally. With this upcoming release, it’s likely that we’ll also see a streaming and DVD release very soon.

One Piece Film: Red’s Successful Theatrical Run

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One Piece Film: Red is the newest film in the beloved franchise, and it was released as part of the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

The movie premiered in mid-2022, with a wide release in Japan following in August 2022.

Given that it heavily features fan-favorite Shanks, coupled with the fact that it celebrates One Piece’s 25th anniversary, One Piece Film: Red was a highly anticipated release.

So, it came as no surprise that it dominated Japan’s box office.

Soon after it was released in Japanese cinemas, One Piece Red became the highest-grossing One Piece film of all time.

It was also number one at Japan’s box office for 11 consecutive weeks, making it one of the country’s biggest movie hits.

When it was released internationally in the following months, the film’s global box office tally increased even more.

By the end of its theatrical run, the film became the 4th highest-grossing Japanese movie of all time worldwide.

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One Piece Red Announces US, International Digital Release

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While there’s no word yet on a streaming release for the movie outside Japan, Toei Animation confirmed that the movie will be available for purchase digitally in the US beginning March 28, 2023.

Aside from the US, the film will also be available in Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America (including Mexico and Brazil) in late March, though the release date will depend on the platform.

The film will be available for purchase first on Microsoft, VUDU, and iTunes Movies in the US.

However, it was also confirmed that the film will be released on Amazon, Google Play, and YouTube at a later date.

In Japan, One Piece Red is available now for streaming on Prime Video.

There’s no info yet on whether a US Prime Video release is in the pipeline, but it’s likely that the film will also be released on streaming platforms sometime soon.

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