One Piece Film: Red Gets New Trailer With Big Spoilers

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One Piece Film Red trailer spoilers uta

With the film confirming its US release month just yesterday, One Piece Film: Red shared a new trailer that’s filled with spoilers.

The new trailer was shared online via the One Piece: Red Twitter account and the official YouTube channel. It was released to celebrate the major box office milestones of the movie, including being the first film in the franchise to exceed 10 billion yen (USD 70 million).

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Check out the new trailer:

This latest trailer is the most action-packed yet as it shows snippets of the Straw Hat crew in action.

It also showed what seems to be clips from the final battle, so fans who don’t want to get spoiled should avoid checking the trailer out.

The beginning of the trailer also has some spoilers as it showed some snippets of Uta and Luffy’s childhood, complete with appearances from fan-favorite Shanks.

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Aside from sharing a new trailer and its Japanese box office record, One Piece also revealed that the movie is a major hit in France.

Specifically, Film: Red is now the number 1 anime film in history in France, as it had nearly 1 million attendees during its theatrical run so far - with an estimated USD 7 million in box office revenue.

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One Piece Film: Red is the 15th feature film in the franchise, and it has quickly become the biggest One Piece film ever.

After setting an opening weekend box office record, Film: Red became the top-earning One Piece movie in just 10 days.

Its story follows Luffy and the Straw Hat crew as they make their way to a new island for Uta’s concert.

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Uta is the world’s most popular singer, but unbeknownst to most of the Straw Hats, Uta is the daughter of legendary pirate, Red-Haired Shanks.

Aside from being Shanks’ daughter, Uta is also significant for being the first canon movie character in over a decade. She is also voiced by popular Japanese singer Ado, at least for her musical performances.

Film: Red opened in Japanese cinemas on August 6, 2022. It was then released in other countries shortly after, including France, Thailand, and more.

Meanwhile, the film was recently confirmed to release in US cinemas this October.

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