One Piece Film: Red Gets 4K Cinema Release in October

One Piece Film: Red 4K Uta

One Piece Film: Red 4K Uta

One Piece is getting a lot of attention recently thanks to its upcoming live-action series as well as its huge anime moment. To further build on the hype, it was revealed that One Piece Film: Red will get a re-release in theaters this October.

While the One Piece movie already got a lengthy theatrical run last year, fans have a good reason to watch this re-release as it will be an enhanced 4K version.

This is just the latest in the range of exciting One Piece projects and developments fans can look forward to.

One Piece Continues to Build Hype With New Projects

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Last weekend saw One Piece become a huge trending topic, even among anime fans who don’t really follow the series. That’s because the show’s latest episode finally debuted Luffy’s Gear 5.

This moment came with a lot of hype behind it. After all, Gear 5 was one of the biggest moments of the manga.

Despite the hype, the anime’s Gear 5 debut did not disappoint, with many fans loving how well they captured Luffy’s cartoony new form.

The One Piece hype train does not end there though, as there’s also quite a bit of excitement for Netflix’s live-action series which will be released at the end of this month.

While most anime live-action adaptations are disappointing, many are hoping for this series to buck the trend. That’s because series creator Eiichiro Oda is fully involved in the project, and he even put his seal of approval on it.

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One Piece Film: Red Is Getting a Cinema Re-Release in 4K

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After the live-action series’ release, fans in Japan can also look forward to the One Piece Film: Red re-release in 4K this October.

The re-release is confirmed to happen in 366 Japanese theaters. Its run will begin on October 20, and it will be available for one month.

As a bonus, viewers of the film’s re-release will also get exclusive gifts. Plus, audience participation is encouraged, not unlike the previous singalong screenings.

What also makes this enticing is that the re-release will be in 4K, which was originally only available on the Blu-ray. Previously, the theatrical release was likely just a 2K version.

Currently, there’s no word on re-release plans for the film outside Japan. But here’s hoping that it gets at least a limited re-release in the US later this year.

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