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One Piece Fans Braced for Death After Oda’s “I Hope No One Dies” Comment

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It’s no secret that One Piece is heading toward its epic finale. While no big announcement for the series was made, creator Eiichiro Oda released a lengthy message for fans where he mentioned how he hopes that “no one dies” during the series’ finale.

In the message, Oda mentioned not only the upcoming final saga but also the end of the Wano Country arc and hyped up the upcoming release of the One Piece Odyssey video game and the live-action series.

Oda’s Jump Festa 2023 Message

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To open his message, Oda said that while the Wano Country saga finally ended in the middle of the year, the manga did not slow down one bit (not including Oda’s well-deserved month off).

Oda also said that One Piece staff members cheered for the box office success of One Piece Film: Red.

While it’s been months since the film’s release, the hype for it continues as Uta will continue her TV live tour.

While the series has fans of all ages, Oda noticed that more and more younger readers have gotten into One Piece recently which made him happy.

For long-time series fans meanwhile, Oda also said that they shouldn’t worry about the series ending soon.

Despite all the recent talk about the final saga, Oda said that it will take time before the series ends.

Before addressing the final saga itself, Oda also took some time to mention how excited he is for the One Piece Odyssey video game and the Netflix live-action series. He even went as far as to say that the live-action series looks amazing.

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One Piece Final Arc Speculations

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As for the final saga, Oda did not mention any details, though he did describe it as a “free for all battle royale.” This likely means fans can expect a massive fight that might even exceed the Marineford arc’s epic battle.

Though fans noted how Oda said “I hope no one dies” in his statement. This seemingly innocuous line may be a hint that major characters might die in the final saga.

Fans talked about this at length over on Twitter and Reddit.

Some didn’t believe what he said, stating that One Piece has lots of fake-out deaths. Though others believe that if characters were to really die, the final saga will likely be when that will happen.

Despite some fears about their favorite characters dying, fans are still excited to see the finale, especially as lots of big fights between the One Piece world’s most powerful characters will likely happen.

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Source: Eiichiro Oda’s Jump Festa 2023 Message

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