One Piece Chapter 1076 Leaks: Shanks and Kid Arrive in Elbaf

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One Piece Chapter 1076 Leaks Shanks
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While the latest chapter was released officially just a few days ago, the first set of One Piece Chapter 1076 leaks and spoilers have been shared online, and they show that Shanks and Kid are now in Elbaf, the land of the Giants.

Along with what’s happening in Elbaf, the new chapter also features the events over at Egghead Island as Luffy and Zoro are forced to team up with Lucci and Kaku.


Spoiler Warning: There are possible One Piece Chapter 1076 spoilers in this article.

One Piece Chapter 1076: Vegapunk Is Imprisoned

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First, the new chapter leaks say that the real Vegapunk has been thrown in prison alongside other CP0 agents that have been captured in the previous months. The leaks also claim that Vegapunk will talk about Poneglyphs.


Over the past months, CP0 agents have gone missing in Egghead Island, though it wasn’t explained what exactly happened to them.

Now, it seems that someone is actively working against Vegapunk and the other Punks.

As fans continue to theorize which character they believe is a traitor, the spoilers revealed more concrete info.

Specifically, Luffy and Zoro have freed Lucci and Kaku to help face off against the powerful Seraphim models.

Specifically, Luffy and Lucci teamed up against S-Bear while Kaku and Zoro fittingly went up against S-Hawk.

Though it’s also revealed that S-Hawk is more powerful than he seems as he has Mr. 1’s Devil Fruit ability.


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Shanks Makes an Appearance in Elbaf

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The events of the chapter aren’t just centered around Egghead Island though as the Giants’ home, Elbaf, is also in the chapter.


There, Shanks is said to be with Giants such as Brogy and Dorry. Aside from Shanks, Eustass Kid has also landed on the coast of Elbaf.

The spoilers also mentioned that Shanks sent Kid a message through Rockstar and that Kid lost his arm indirectly because of Shanks.

Before, it was said that Kid tried to fight Shanks but lost, losing his arm in the process. Though it seems their encounter was more than just a simple fight.

eustass kid one piece

Of course, you’d want to take these spoilers with a grain of salt as they might not be entirely accurate.

To find out what really happens, you’ll have to wait for the official release of One Piece Chapter 1076.

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