The 15 Coolest Characters in One Piece Ever, Ranked

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The Coolest Characters in One Piece Ever, Ranked

As the longest-running manga and anime in history, One Piece has introduced anime fans to various characters – be it good or bad. There were characters added to make the story interesting while some seemed to be just decorations in the background. With the abundance of One Piece characters, we all have to agree that there are 15 coolest characters in One Piece that we love.

Although a character can be considered badass in many ways, we wanted to focus on characters who stand out because of their coolness. These characters have unique and refreshing personalities that we cannot ignore.

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15. Kozuki Oden

The 15 Coolest Characters in One Piece Ever, Ranked Kozuki Oden
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Kozuki Oden is a samurai that was considered one of the strongest in the world. Known for his honor and principle, Oden is considered cool by many fans. He is badass with his abilities but he can be soft especially when it comes to his family. Fans adore him because of his refreshing personality.

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14. Trafalgar Law

The 15 Coolest Characters in One Piece Ever, Ranked Trafalgar Law
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One of the popular characters in the series is Law. He is known to be a trusted character by the Straw Hats and holds a unique ability called the Operation-Operation Fruit. This ability allows him to control the trait of a person within the blue zone that he created. His skill immediately puts him into the badass category, and let us not forget his fresh attitude that warmed the hearts of many viewers.

13. Silvers Rayleigh

The 15 Coolest Characters in One Piece Ever, Ranked Silvers Rayleigh
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Silvers has various nicknames: Dark King, Right Hand of the Pirate King, and more. He is also considered a strong character because of his amazing sword skills. Even if he is already retired and a bit old, he is not the type of character that villains should mess up with. Some fans believe that he can still contribute a lot in the final act of the show.

12. Dracule Mihawk

The 15 Coolest Characters in One Piece Ever, Ranked Dracule Mihawk
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In the early parts of the series, Dracule Mihawk blew the minds of the viewers. Another amazing swordsman in the series, Mihawk can beat people without even using his Devil Fruit power. A lot of fans love his fight against Baratie because of how intense the whole scenario was. Even better, he has this perspective in which he wanted to spare people and teach them instead. If that is not badass, we don’t know what is.

11. Marshall D. Teach

The 15 Coolest Characters in One Piece Ever, Ranked Marshall D. Teach
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Also known as Blackbeard, Marshall D. Teach oozes with a real pirate vibe. Although not a lot of fans like him, it does not mean that he cannot be cool. Some fans appreciate his perspective and ideals that match Luffy’s. He might have inner darkness but as we said, not all badass characters should be kind. Some can be Marshall, who has innate evilness within him.

10. Kaido

The 15 Coolest Characters in One Piece Ever, Ranked Kaido
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His introduction caught the attention of One Piece fans. He attempted to kill himself but it was unsuccessful. Though that does not necessarily scream badass, Kaido proved that he deserves to be on this list because of his immense power, size, and strength thanks to his Legendary Zoan Devil Fruit. Even if he is a villain, we cannot deny that he is a cool character.

9. Nefertari Vivi

The 15 Coolest Characters in One Piece Ever, Ranked Nefertari Vivi
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She does not have trouble with finding a job as she has the blood of the Celestial Dragon and took part in a crime syndicate. With her leadership skills, fans believe that she is one of the best leaders in the series. She can manage her people right thanks to her wisdom and charming personality. She might have her own weakness, however, it does not bring her down. Vivi can bring herself back up with her head held high.

8. Roronoa Zoro

The 15 Coolest Characters in One Piece Ever, Ranked Roronoa Zoro
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Fans were easily drawn to him because of his experiences (and more than 200,000,000 bounties). Viewers believe that he has done everything already: beat starvation, faced Dracule Mihawk, and almost lost his legs, among others. This remarkable character has proven time and time again how amazing he is and there seems to be no end to that.

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7. Jinbe

The 15 Coolest Characters in One Piece Ever, Ranked Jinbe
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Jinbe isn’t like the rest of the characters mentioned here. He is a protector with the ability to manipulate water. He is born with immense technique and skill, making him a character who does not depend on drugs. This perfect rearguard is well-loved by fans of the series because of his cool personality. He is the perfect person for people who need guidance.

6. Monkey D. Garp

The 15 Coolest Characters in One Piece Ever, Ranked Monkey D. Garp
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Another influential character on the list is Garp. He has contributed a lot to Luffy and the entire world. This list certainly deserves a hero in it and that is why Monkey D. Garp is part of this. He did not have second thoughts in standing up against top pirates as he knows that he is back with the greatest team of pirates in history. Fans are anticipating what he would do in the final act.

5. Nico Robin

The 15 Coolest Characters in One Piece Ever, Ranked Nico Robin
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Robin is the cornerstone of the two biggest and most well-loved arcs in the series. She is an essential member of the team that gives the gang more options when it comes to analyzing poneglyphs, which is essential to find One Piece. Her Devil Fruit is fun too and has helped in various scenarios. She is considered the best girl in the series, which we can all agree with.

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4. Monkey D. Luffy

The 15 Coolest Characters in One Piece Ever, Ranked Monkey D. Luffy
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While any One Piece fan can be biased and say that Luffy should be at the top of this list, he is not THAT cool yet. Luffy has done pretty cool stuff but the characters above him on this list have done more in that category. His appearance alone does not give off a badass vibe but once he starts his mission or task, we will not deny that he gives off a cool aura. The series is not done yet so he can still beat all of these characters and make himself deserving of the top one.

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3. Red-Haired Shanks

The 15 Coolest Characters in One Piece Ever, Ranked Red-Haired Shanks
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What makes Shanks a cool character is that despite being a strong human and a badass pirate, he has a personality that viewers will like. He can easily get along with tons of people and even handle kids. He is willing to be humiliated if that would mean he can avoid a fight. Some might be intimidated by him but he has a huge heart.

2. Gol D. Roger

The 15 Coolest Characters in One Piece Ever, Ranked Gol D. Roger
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Some fans might argue that Gold Roger should not be on the list, considering that he is already dead, but we cannot just deny that this character was a total badass. His adventure was cut off when he was executed but his short appearance made the series better. His free-spirited personality reminded fans of Luffy but what made him different is that he has a knack for finding new things. It was truly unfortunate that he did not stick out long though.

1. Edward Newgate

The 15 Coolest Characters in One Piece Ever, Ranked Edward Newgate
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Unlike the rest of the characters in the series who are after One Piece, Edward is more interested in building a family of his own from his crew. He would do everything he can for them, which is truly badass. Despite being heavily injured, he was able to beat the Marines. He underwent a lot of challenges in his life but never did he change. Sadly, he was gone but it will never change the fact that he is the coolest character in One Piece.

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