One Piece Chapter 1073 Release Date and Time, Spoilers

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One Piece Chapter 1073 Release Date and Time, Spoilers Kizaru
Credit: Toei Animation
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The chaos on Egghead Island continues as the CP0 battles the Straw Hat Pirates and Dr. Vegapunk's satellites. Worse, Bonney reaches out to Kuma's physical manifestation of pain inside Dr. Vegapunk's laboratory. Here’s One Piece Chapter 1073’s release date, time, and countdown!

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Here’s What Happened Before One Piece Chapter 1073

One Piece Chapter 1072 Recap MADS
Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece Chapter 1072 is titled "The Weight of Memory," and it features the Laboratory of Peace, also known as MADS, on the cover.

The chapter begins with the following quote from Dr. Vegapunk, the director of MADS:

Even if the world doesn’t agree, I know that she is a living, breathing person. A true and undeniable human being! It was a success! I am certain of it. And this is one great step toward the creation of world peace!

Then, the latest chapter cuts to Jewelry Bonney, who changes into her child form to catch Dr. Vegapunk once and for all.

She dupes Dr. Vegapunk into thinking she was hurt while chasing him around the island.


Quickly, the poor doctor of science decides to examine her and is convinced that she requires medical attention as soon as possible.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Recap Bonney
Credit: Toei Animation

Bonney's plan was successful, and she transformed into her muscular form using a special move called Distorted Future.

Dr. Vegapunk tries to flee, but Bonney uses her special move, Age Skewer, to transform the poor doctor back into his powerless younger form, knocking out his sparkling gems of experience into various shapes.

Because of this, Bonney catches up with Dr. Vegapunk and begins to question his reasoning for taking Bartholomew Kuma's free will away.

Dr. Vegapunk responds hesitantly, fearing that if he tells Bonney the truth, she will be hurt.

Furthermore, Dr. Vegapunk has already promised Kuma not to tell Bonney about him or what happened.


As he says this, Bartholomew Kuma is climbing his way to the Red Line at the Red Port, while the marines do everything they can to blast him down.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Recap Kuma
Credit: Toei Animation

This enrages Bonney even more, and she grabs Dr. Vegapunk by the collar to question the poor doctor once more about the truth.

Nonetheless, Dr. Vegapunk insists that it was Kuma's decision to remove his personality and free will, even if it was difficult for him as well.

Dr. Vegapunk also mentions Kuma as a good friend whom he loves with all of his heart, which is why he can't tell Bonney the truth.

As she throws Dr. Vegapunk to the ground, Bonney notices a large door with a paw print on it. She believes the paw print has something to do with her father.

While Dr. Vegapunk wants her to stop snooping, Bonney uses her special move Oiled Shock to age the lock and let herself in.


Bonney sees a large paw-like bubble, while Dr. Vegapunk recalls his previous conversation with Kuma.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Recap Kuma
Credit: Toei Animation

In a flashback, Dr. Vegapunk told a story about a West Blue scholar who once claimed that people lose 21 grams of weight after death.

That is, in other words, the weight of the human soul. This story captivated Kuma, who exclaimed that the soul exists and can be observed.

Dr. Vegapunk also mentioned the possibility of materializing intangible concepts such as pain, memories, and imagination.

With that in mind, Kuma realized that Dr. Vegapunk wanted him to create memories in order to have a chance at a great scientific breakthrough.

Back in the present, Dr. Vegapunk warns Bonney not to touch the paw-like bubble because it is Kuma's pain manifested physically, which is lethal to anyone.


Bonney, on the other hand, disagrees with Dr. Vegapunk, believing that it was her father's memory.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Recap Kuma
Credit: Toei Animation

At that moment, in the Red Port, Kuma is taking all the hits from the marines in their attempt to stop him from climbing through the Red Line.

Back in the Labophase, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, and Dr. Vegapunk Shaka keep an eye on the screen as Zoro and Brook try to hold their own against the CP0.

They also learned that Rob Lucci had infiltrated the lab with the seraphims.

The only saving grace is that Dr. Vegapunk's satellites have far greater authority over the seraphims inside Labophase than the CP0.

It was a grave error on CP0's part, now that they can't send the seraphims outside the dome.


However, until Dr. Vegapunk Lilith and Edison get their orders through, the seraphims are still under CP0's orders!

This only means Zoro and Brook are in trouble, which is why the rest of Luffy's crew should go down there and assist them as well.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Recap Zoro
Credit: Toei Animation

Elsewhere, Zoro engages with CP0's Kaku, who is in his awakened giraffe state, while Brook keeps an eye on the Thousand Sunny.

Kaku begins attacking with Nose Pistol, followed by a special move called Kiliman Gyro, but Zoro, who is tired of fighting wriggly things back at Wano, blocks all of Kaku's attacks.

On the contrary, Rob Lucci orders all seraphims to destroy the lab before Dr. Vegapunk shows up.

This sends Shaka and the rest of the gang into a frenzy as they try to get out of the lab before it explodes.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Recap Stussy
Credit: Toei Animation

In an unexpected turn of events, Stussy bites Kaku's neck to put him to sleep, much to Rob Lucci's surprise.

She also requests that Lucci do the same, as a bat wing appears behind her back.

Before the chapter ends, One Piece Chapter 1072 reveals that CP0's Stussy was a clone of the Rock Pirates' Miss Buckingham Stussy.

She was also MADS' first successful clone experiment subject.

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Here's the Release Date of One Piece Chapter 1073

One Piece Chapter 1073 Release Date Kaku
Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece Chapter 1073 is set to be released on January 29, 2022, in regions such as the US, the UK, and Europe. In Japan, Chapter 1073 will come out on January 30, 2022

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Here's the Release Time of One Piece Chapter 1073

One Piece Chapter 1073 Release Time Kaku and Rob Lucci
Credit: Toei Animation

In Japan, One Piece Chapter 1073 will come out on January 30, 2022, at 12:00 AM JST.


If this information remains correct, the following release times will apply to your location:

  • Pacific Time: 7:00 AM (January 29, 2022)
  • Central Time: 9:00 AM (January 29, 2022)
  • Eastern Time: 10:00 AM (January 29, 2022)
  • British Time: 3:00 PM (January 29, 2022)

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One Piece Chapter 1073 COUNTDOWN

One Piece Chapter 1073 COUNTDOWN


Do note that the countdown above follows the official release date and time of One Piece Chapter 1073 in Japan.

Here Are the Spoilers and Predictions for One Piece Chapter 1073

One Piece Chapter 1073 Spoilers and Predictions Stussy
Credit: Toei Animation

Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1073 have been leaked online, and it appears that Luffy and the others will face a new level of danger as Admiral Kizaru goes to Egghead Island with a Gorosei member.

What's more, the upcoming chapter will feature a fight between Stussy and Rob Lucci, while the rest of Dr. Vegapunk's satellites attempt to transfer the seraphims' authority to their side.

For the time being, expect to read more news and information before One Piece Chapter 1073 is released!

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