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OMEGA X Heartbreak: Japanese Management Company Skiyaki To Close Down Boy Group's Website Amid Abuse Controversy

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OMEGA X's media company in Japan delivered the sad news to the boy group and its fans.

Spire Entertainment has been the center of criticism since the controversy over its former CEO emerged. Ex-CEO Kang Seong Hee verbally, physically, and sexually abused the boy group's members, leading fans to call her out and the company.

Following the abuse issues, the Japanese management company decided to take down the boy group's website.

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Skiyaki Inc., Confirms Closure of OMEGA X's Website

Skiyaki Inc., announced on Wednesday that it would close the Japanese website dedicated to Omega X. The boy group's official social media accounts, including YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Line, will also be deactivated, Korea JoongAng Daily reported.

The company's decision came after the boy group announced it would terminate its contract with Spire Entertainment after the agency's executives abused them sexually and verbally almost every day in the past year.

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"Due to the termination of the exclusive contract between Skiyaki and Spire Entertainment to which Omega X belongs to, this site will be closed on Nov. 30, 2022. The monthly membership fee for November 2022 will be refunded to all members, so please read the 'Refund Procedure Information' below before proceeding," the company went on.

On December 1, OMEGA X's social media accounts will be deleted.

Despite letting OMEGA X go, Skiyaki expressed its hopes that the boy group would continue its activities in Japan following its Japanese debut in August.

Skiyaki Inc. Cuts Ties With Spire Entertainment

Before closing down the social media sites, the Japanese company terminated its business alliance with Spire Entertainment.

It shared a separate statement on its website after OMEGA X's press conference in South Korea, saying, "We requested Spire for clarification regarding the issues between the company and OMEGA X members that have been circulating online since October, but we were unable to get any satisfactory response."

Skiyaki Inc. said Spire Entertainment violated the exclusive contract they established and damaged OMEGA X and the fans' trust.

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