Olivia Wilde Shock: Harry Styles’ Girlfriend Bosses Him Around? One Direction Alum Doesn’t Allegedly Mind Because He Enjoys Being With An Older Woman

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Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles have been dating for over a year now, but their relationship hasn’t always been easy.

After all, the couple’s age gap has been a source of speculation among various sources. Additionally, the timeline of the couple’s relationship has not helped. Some insiders claimed that Wilde and Styles were linked to each other just two months after the actress split from Jason Sudeikis.


Olivia Wilde Talks About Her Relationship With Harry Styles

During her interview with Vogue, Olivia Wilde revealed that she’s aware of all the false narratives surrounding her relationship with Styles. In fact, there are times when she wants to correct the different allegations. However, the actress has also come to terms with the fact that she doesn’t need to do this because she and Styles know the truth about their relationship.

“It’s obviously really tempting to correct a false narrative. But I think what you realize is that when you’re really happy, it doesn’t matter what strangers think about you. All that matters to you is what’s real, what you love, and who you love. I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, and it’s just wonderful to feel that,” she said.


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Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles’ Relationship Criticized

Star, in its March 7 issue, claimed that Wilde and Styles’ age gap has taken a toll on their relationship. After all, the former has the tendency to boss the latter around.


And since Wilde is 9 years older than Styles, the One Direction member has so much respect for his girlfriend to the point that he doesn’t mind being bossed around.

Olivia Wilde Rooting For Harry Styles’ Acting Career

An unnamed source claimed that Wilde also wants Styles to make it big in the acting industry so she’s doing everything that she can to help him out.


“People are rolling their eyes a little at how hard Olivia’s pushing for Harry. They’re calling it ‘Operation Oscars.’ Olivia has a lot of connection in the acting world, and Harry’s doesn’t,” the unnamed source said.

The unnamed source added that Style doesn’t seem to mind because he’s more focused on dating someone who’s older and hotter.

“Having this hot, older woman guiding him and helping him reach his dreams, he says all the time that he doesn’t know how he got so lucky,” the unnamed source concluded.

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Harry Styles Explains Why He’s Mum About His Relationship With Olivia Wilde

However, the publication’s claims couldn’t possibly be accurate. After all, Wilde and Styles do not normally talk about their relationship in public. So, there’s no way for a publication to know all their plans.

Last year, Styles also explained to Dazed magazine why he doesn’t like talking about his relationships in public.


“I've always tried to compartmentalize my personal life and my working life,” he said.

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