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NMIXX Poses as 6-Member Group After Jinni's Exit

Credit: JYP ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

NMIXX will continue promoting its six remaining members after Jinni’s exit.

NMIXX nears its first-year debut anniversary after starting its career in February 2022 with the single album, AD MARE. Originally, the girl group was promoted with seven members — Haewon, Lily, Sullyoon, BAE, Jiwoo, Kyujin, and Jinni.

But after the latter departed the group, the K-pop idols have to move on with the remaining members.

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NMIXX’s 6 Members Seen in Public

Ahead of NMIXX’s overseas schedule, its fans uploaded photos of the group on theqoo. The media images became the first shots of the six members since Jinni’s exit.

The six K-pop idols posed in front of media outlets for photos ahead of the 2022 Asia Artist Awards in Japan.

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Although they all showed their bright smiles, NMIXX members could not hide the pain as Jinni’s exit is still fresh to them. Fans, in addition, shared their heartbreaks as they tried to process everything after the tragic turn of events.

Some of the comments read:

"It is scary how we never got to hear from the person herself, and everyone has to pretend like nothing's happened."
“I'm starting to get scared of JYP Ent a little, the way people silently depart."
"You wake up one morning as pretend as if a person never existed..."

NMIXX released two single albums with Jinni: Ad Mare and Entwurf. It also dropped singles O.O and Dice and promotional single Kiss.

Jinni Leaves NMIXX

The new photos emerged days after JYP Entertainment confirmed Jinni’s departure from NMIXX.

In a statement the agency shared (via The Korea Times), it revealed that the idol terminated her exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment and decided to leave the group due to personal circumstances.

"Please support Jinni, who will now walk a new path. NMIXX will continue its musical activities as a sextet (consisting of Kyujin, Sullyoon, Jiwoo, Bae, Haewon and Lily), so please support the group as well, as it keeps pursuing its dream. We apologize for fueling worries,” the announcement went on.

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