NMIXX Reveals Greatest Advice They Received From JYP Entertainment Founder, Park Jin Young

Credit: JYP ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: JYP ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

NMIXX prepares to continue the legacy of the girl groups that debuted before them.

Years after ITZY debuted, JYP Entertainment officially added new members to its artists by debuting NMIXX. The agency first introduced the group in public through a 10-second trailer on its YouTube channel, naming its seven members -- Kyujin, Jiwoo, BAE, Jinni, Sullyoon, Haewon, and Lily. At that time, the group also launched their official social media accounts (including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Weibo) to connect with their fans.

The N in NMIXX means now, next, and new with “the unknown value of n.” Meanwhile, MIX represents the variety and projects they will soon show as a member of the new generation of K-pop.

Following their debut in February, the girl group revealed the advice they received from Park Jin Young as they continue their journey as rookie idols.

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NMIXX Hears Important Advice From JYP

On Tuesday, NMIXX held their online press showcase as part of the marketing for their debut single, AD MARE. Elsewhere in the conversation, members revealed that the JYP Entertainment founder, Park Jin Young, gave them friendly advice.

NMIXX member Lily, who became part of the agency after appearing on K-pop Star, revealed that Park Jin Young told her she still has the image of the young Lily he met in the past.

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“I asked him what I should do to be confident on stage if I wasn’t satisfied with myself or my skills. He told me, ‘Try to fix that during practice, but you can’t think about that when you’re on stage,'” she said.

Meanwhile, BAE said Park Jin Young told her to look forward to what the future holds for her instead of looking at what’s in front of her alone. With that, she saw the JYP Entertainment founder as a living legend.

NMIXX leader, Haewon, also received helpful words from him. Park Jin Young reportedly told her that a team could run well if the leader is generous while being strict with herself.

NMIXX Announces Fandom Name

With JYP’s close guidance, NMIXX established a closer relationship with their fans that they immediately established a fandom name days after their debut.

The girl group confirmed that they would be calling their fans NSWER. It serves as an acronym for North, South, East, West, and Route; and that they will always find the route and answer with the help of their fans.

With that, fans should look forward more to the group’s projects in the future.

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