Nintendo Switch Gets 2 More Possible Games

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The expected lineup of games for the Nintendo Switch may actually expand before the awaited January event happens. New reports suggest that Chucklefish Games and Nicalis may add the Nintendo Switch for their platform lineup.

Engadget reported that Stardew Valley, the indie success on Steam may get a followup launch in another platform outside the planned Xbox One and PS4 in December. Supposedly, the Wii U should also see a launch date for Stardew Valley, but the developer has cancelled the said port.

Instead, it's likely that the developer will go for a Nintendo Switch launch. From a developer's standpoint, this is an understandable scenario. Even with trickling support for Wii U is still felt and more attention now given to the Nintendo Switch, there's a good chance that the more recent console will get the bigger focus for studios.


Stardew Valley is all about farming and building relationships. This type of gameplay can very well play up the strengths for the features already known about the Nintendo Switch.

In addition, sleeper hit game The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ may also find its way onto the Nintendo Switch. According to GameSpot, Nicalis mentioned that apart from the PS4 and Xbox One, there's one more console that will receive the game sometime in spring next year.

While this is far from a confirmation, the March 2017 release date for the Nintendo Switch, as well as the vague mention of "one more console" makes this possibility all the more likely.

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