Avengers Infinity War Progresses with New Casting Call for Extras

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Ever wanted to be part of a Marvel movie? This casting call announcement may be the way to do it—but of course, you need to be able to meet some minor criteria.

Perhaps the bigger news here is the fact that Avengers Infinity War may be starting its gears production-wise. The official Facebook page of Central Casting Georgia has posted a new casting call announcement, seen below.

"Want to work as a stand-in, photo double or background actor on the next installment of Marvel's ‘Avengers'? We are now beginning to cast positions for this feature that begins filming in January through all of 2017!"

Those who are interested in giving this a try will have to register with Central Casting in Georgia, which can be done for free. Interested clients are required to register, provided that they have not yet registered in a previous open call in 2016.

There are two dates you need to take note of, as these are the two open calls that will be happening at Pinewood Studios. These are on December 10, Saturday and December 11, Sunday, both happening from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Applicants are encouraged to dress in a manner that best represents them as there will be a picture-taking session. In addition, the entire process will likely take an hour and will require employment paperwork. More details can be seen in the image above.

Avengers Infinity War Part I is expected to hit theaters sometime in April 2018.

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