NieR: Automata Anime's Cryptic Episode 1 Title Has Fans Talking

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Nier Automata Anime Episode 1 Title

With the show’s premiere just a few days away, the NieR: Automata anime revealed the official episode 1 title along with its synopsis.

Given the cryptic nature of the title, fans shared their theories and thoughts ahead of its premiere this weekend.

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NieR: Automata Ver1.1a Episode 1 Title, Synopsis

NieR: Automata Episode 1 is officially entitled “Chapter.1: or not to [B]e” which is a reference to the famous soliloquy in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It’s also the name of Ending B of the NieR: Automata video game.

As for its synopsis, it’s detailed on the website that episode 1 will give a brief overview of the android and machine conflict. It also reveals that episode 1 will follow the events of the game’s intro.

Specifically, the episode will follow 2B and 9S during their 243rd Descent Operation which pits them against a Goliath-class machine.

Aside from being a reference to classic literature and one of the game’s endings, fans also remarked how the title is likely a reference to the main character 2B. After all, 2B’s name is inspired by Hamlet’s speech which tackles existentialist themes.

While the title and the synopsis have given fans more concrete info about what to expect, it still resulted in lots of discussions online.

In the announcement tweet, fans talked about the anime possibly skipping the events of route A given the title is a reference to route B.

Nier Automata Anime Story Debate

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The NieR: Automata game is unique for featuring multiple “routes” and endings that are sequential. After reaching the first ending, players must replay the same events, but as 9S instead of 2B. This part is often referred to as route B.

Once the player reaches the end again, ending B is shown. The story then continues and goes off in an unexpected direction with the introduction of A2.

While the trailers show that the anime will faithfully adapt parts of the game, many fans believe that the anime might have an all-new story, or at least will tweak the original enough for a new experience.

Right now, we’ll have to wait and see as the show’s story develops. Though we won’t have to wait long at least as episode 1 will premiere in the coming weekend.

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