Nicolas Cage Wants to Play a Bizarre But "Terrifying" Batman Villain

Marvel fans have been rallying for Nicolas Cage to return as the Ghost Rider, but it appears like the fan-beloved actor is interested in joining the DC Universe as the bizarre Batman villain, Egghead.

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After being portrayed by Vincent Price on the 1960s Batman TV Show, Egghead hasn't returned in another live-action adaptation. In a recent appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent actor Nicolas Cage revealed why he's fascinated with the villain and how it could be a dreadful Batman adversary. See his full quote below:

"You know what I mean it’s like, Egghead is Vincent Price right? He’s one of our other great American superstar actors that I revere and had so much fun watching growing up. Theater of Blood. So I was watching the Batman show, because I really wanted to see what Vincent Price was going to do. And the character’s hilarious. I mean, everything starts with “Egg-cellent.” And it’s, “Egg-static.” But I’m not calling Warner Bros.. This is just more of a fun little thing. Cause I’m on a red carpet, somebody asks me a question, I want to give them a funny answer. But there is an approach to that character that could be terrifying. And I’ve thought a lot about it. I’m not going to share it with you."

It's hard to imagine a villain as wacky as Egghead joining Matt Reeves' expanding Batman Universe, especially after the director revealed several times that he wants to craft a more realistic and grounded narrative for Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne. But if Reeves was able to make Paul Dano's The Riddler and Colin Farrell's The Penguin appear realistic, there's no doubt that he could do the same for Egghead. Aside from that, casting Nicolas Cage in the role would definitely add another layer of anticipation to the franchise. Maybe Reeves should give Cage a call for The Batman 2?

Stay Tuned for more updates about Nicolas Cage!

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