Niantic Offers Another Unsatisfying Pokemon Go Event This Valentines

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It looks like Niantic and Nintendo are getting a little bit too tight on their giveaways for the once viral augmented reality gaming app, Pokemon Go.

Niantic has just announced on the official Pokemon Gowebsite that the game is hosting a new Valentine's event for gamers, however the company's offer seems to lack a whole lot of pizzaz. Starting from today till February 15, Pokemon Gamers get to chance upon more pink Pokemon like Chansey and Clefairy in the wild. Niantic's also made a slight tweak to hatching so that Cleffa, Igglybuff and Smoochum would hatch out of eggs more often than other types of Pokemon.

Aside from pink pocket monsters, gamers also get twice the amount of candy every time they catch, hatch and transfer any kind of Pokemon. Buddy Pokemon can also find candy twice as fast during the Pokemon Go Valentine's event. Lure modules for six hours during the entire duration of the new Pokemon Go event as well.

While it is awfully pink, this new holiday event from Niantic seems pretty drab. Gamers have been hoping for more substantial updates and it seems like hopes for new features have begun to stale. Oh well. Let's hope Nintendo and Niantic turn this around soon.

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