New Star Wars Tie-In Digs Deep On Han Solo's First Love

Star Wars obviously has a roster of interesting characters who deserve the spotlight and a telling of their narrative. Given that this million-dollar franchise has been progressing for many years now, its future offerings are always just around the corner, may it be through screen or paper. Based on new information, the full story of Han Solo’s true love will be further explored in an upcoming book.

Princess Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) may have been the love of Han Solo's life, but she wasn't the beginning of Cadet 124-239's idea of love. Someone first introduced the smuggler-hero to the wonders of love before Princess Leia. Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) is an anthology film that presents Han Solo's backstory (Alden Ehrenreich), his adventures as a young scoundrel, and the time he fell in love with a girl named Lady Qi'ra (Emilia Clarke).

This romance didn't age well, as the two were separated during an attempted escape from Corellia. Qi'ra was sold to the crime cartel named Crimson Dawn, and it was years before Han met her again, by which time she'd become a major figure in the organization. The end of Solo: A Star Wars Story left Qi'ra's story unfinished, but some hope has been reignited as New York Times bestselling author E.K. Johnston revealed she's written a new book exploring Lady Qi'ra, Crimson Climb.

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Johnston didn't communicate any more intimate details about Crimson Climb, although she has hinted that she might be attending this year's Star Wars Celebration to talk about the book. This will most likely deal with Qi'ra's initial rise through Crimson Dawn, although it could potentially pick up from the cliffhanger ending, exploring how she went on to become the ultimate leader of Crimson Dawn, a role she's since confirmed to have occupied by the time of the original trilogy.

Solo was Star Wars' first box office failure, which left no room for Ehrenreich and Clarke to return to their characters and have the chance to offer more of what they got, also abandoning their heroes’ romance. Hopefully, Johnston will be able to salvage the Lady Qi'ra narrative given that she’s one of Lucasfilm's best and most reliable authors. Solo: A Star Wars Story could use a second shot in any form.

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