New Pokemon and Features Revealed in the Latest Pokemon: Sun and Moon Trailer

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A new Pokemon: Sun and Moon trailer has come out and it features six new Pokemon and a look at the game's new features. Two of the Pokemon featured in this trailer were leaked earlier but now we get to see them in action! Watch the new trailer below:


The trailer gives us a look at a bunch of new Pokemon. Wimpod, a perpetually nervous-looking Bug and Water type, has the ability "Wimp out". From the trailer, it looks like the ability causes Wimpod to flee whever it recieves a lot of damage. Bounsweet is a spherical grass type whose abilities are either "Leaf guard" or "Oblivious". The fairy type Comfey resemebles a lei, which is fitting for Alola's Hawaii-esque setting. Its abilities are either "Flower veil" or "Triage".

Mudsdale is a ground-type Pokemon that resembles a big ol' Clydesdale horse. Its abilities are "Own tempo" and "Stamina". it appears to attack by kicking its hindlegs at it's opponent a lot. Finally we get the English names for the previously leaked Pokemon: the fairy and ghost type Mimikyu and the normal and fighting type Bewear. We get a look at Mimikyu's disguise ability in the trailer- apparently Mimikyu's Pikachu costume can deserve as a decoy that takes an attack for it, but it will get "busted" and not work anymore after that. Bewear has either a "Fluffy" or "Klutz" ability.

The trailer also demonstrates how trainers can now host their own Pokemon competitions through Global link. We also get a peek at "hyper training" which allows users to raise the stats of their Pokemon. There was something similar in Pokemon X and Y, but it looks like there might be some differences from that version.

Pokemon: Sun and Moon comes out November 18.

Those are some cute new Pokemon- Mimikyu especially has won my heart. What do you think of the new Pokemon and features?

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