Two New Sun and Moon Pokemon Revealed

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A leak of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro revealed two new Pokemon for Pokemon: Sun and Moon, ComicBook reports. CoroCoro is a magazine entirely devoted to Pokemon news and the upcoming issue reveals the two latest additions to the franchise: Kiteruguma and Mimikkyu. Kiteruguma is a bear-looking critter with a pink head while Mimikkyu is a strange, puppet-like creature with eyes that look like they were scribbled in with permanent marker.

From CoroCoro


According to the magazine, Kiteruguma is a Normal and Fighting type while Mimikkyu is a Ghost and Fairy type. Kiteruguma's abilities are Fluffy and Klutz. The Klutz ability means a Pokemon can't use any held items. Mimikkyu has a brand new ability called "disguise".

The articles also gives insight into the new Pokemon's history and personalities. Kiteruguma is a super-strong Pokemon who is extemely friendly. This Pokemon has a tedency to hug it's trainers, which considering its great strength, makes it dangerous to the trainer in question. This Pokemon can break anything into two pieces and scares Aloha villagers so much they put up warning signs for it.

Mimikkyu is a Pokemon who prefers dark places and therefore tries to avoid the sun. It covers its body with a cloth and removing this cloth will cause the Pokemon to become ill. The cloth that covers Mimikkyu intentionally resembles Pikachu- Mimikkyu based its Pokemon on some Pikachu merchandise that was popular 20 years ago (when Pokemon first came out). This is because Mimikyuu just wants people to love it like they do Pikachu. Awww.

CoroCoro previously revealed two other Pokemon as well, so it's probably the magazine we should look to for future new Pokemon reveals. Also, the names given in this article are the Japanese names for these Pokemon. It's likely the English names will be different and they should be revealed within the next few weeks.

Pokemon: Sun and Moon will be available November 18 in the US and Japan.

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