New Mutants Artist Bill Sienkiewicz Did Art for the Movie's Credits Sequence

The New Mutants has been delayed for God knows how long but we are hoping that the movie lives up to all of our expectations, especially since every trailer has been promising. While not a completely faithful adaptation, it does look like the movie will be paying tribute to the classic New Mutants comics, especially The Demon Bear Saga. This is why fans will be happy to know that artist extraordinaire Bill Sienkiewicz worked on the film's credits sequence.

It's always cool when comic book creators reveal that they have been working on a movie based on a series they worked on. Sienkiewicz drew The Demon Bear Saga back in the day and even returned with writer Chris Claremont for a New Mutants one-shot not too long ago. Needless to say, that the comic was gorgeous and one hell of a trip.

Since The New Mutants is essentially the final Fox/X-Men movie, we probably won't see any kind of sequel or follow-up. Fans were hopeful that this would end up being part of the MCU, especially after some reports and articles claimed that it would be, though that isn't the case. Hopefully, the movie itself is a fun, self-contained treat and we all really hope that it's good.

The New Mutants promises to be a nice mix of horror and superhero archetypes. After numerous delays, Disney is hoping that they will get to release the movie on August 28.

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