The New Mutants Never Went Through Reshoots

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Because of The New Mutants multiple delayed release dates, the rumor mill started chugging out reports that the film had been bogged down by problems during production and that there the film had to undergo major reshoots.

However, a new report denies these rumors. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the version of The New Mutants set for release this August is the same cut that Josh Boone made in 2017. The movie is the same as what test audiences saw back when the development team first held test screenings though the final cut will have the full special effects.

This new detail comes from THR's report regarding The New Mutants' release. After months of floating around waiting for a premiere date, the horror-based X-Men spinoff movie finally landed its official release in August.


Filmed in 2017, The New Mutants was originally slated to premiere on April 13, 2018. The film was then pushed back by 10 months to February 22, 2019. Then after that, the X-Men spinoff was moved to August 2019. These multiple delays started sparking concern that Universal was conducting major reshoots to tweak the film.

Now, we're glad to hear that none of those "major reshoots" happened. The delays must have happened because of internal issues in 20th Century Fox. Fans have to remember that the studio had major issues during those years and was bought by Disney back in 2019.

The House of Mouse took its time deciding a release date for the movie, but it's finally set to arrive later this year.

Again, The New Mutants releases on August 28, 2020.

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