New Dragon Ball Super Chapter Reveals Villain's Surprising Age

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Toei Animation

Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Prisoner arc continues in the latest chapter of the manga, and fans are learning more about the new villain Moro. The previous chapteralready revealed that Moro can consume the life force of planets and now, Chapter 43 reveals his surprising age.


The latest chapter revealed that Moro is at least 10 million-years-old as the villain was revealed in a flashback dating back that far. Moro is seen fighting Daikaioh and South Supreme Kai. The Daikaioh is seen using up all of his god powers to seal away Moro, but the villain still can't be killed.

The flashback scene confirms that Moro has been around for more than 10 million years but we still don't know how long it took for him to become that strong. It looks like Goku and the rest of the crew will be facing their most powerful enemy yet and it would be interesting to see how the Saiyans will fight the new villain.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is now showing in Japanese theaters and will hit U.S. theaters on January 16. Dragon Ball Super currently airs on Adult Swim during Toonami's Saturday evenings at 11 p.m.

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