New Character From Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Revealed

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More details about the characters of Gareth Edwards' Rogue One: A Star Wars Story have been surfacing for the past month, and we saw a first look at Mads Mikkelsen's character, a cool behind-the-scenes featurette, learned why it probably won't have the iconic opening crawl, and details about the "Space Monkey" we've seen in the new footage, the paradise planet Scarif, and details about Alan Tudyk's droid. We even saw a leaked trailer that's most likely taken down by now.

Now, we got a new character reveal from Rogue One, and his name is Edrio Two Tubes, a Tognath bounty hunter, who's also a pilot and ally for the Rebel Alliance and works with Forest Whitaker's character Saw Geerrera. The official Star Wars Facebook page shared this brief descption about Edrio Two Tubes:

"Edrio Two Tubes is a mercenary pilot who flies alongside his eggmate, Benthic. The two share the nickname derived from the breathing apparatus that allows their Tognath physiology to process oxygen atmospheres. Edrio's home world Yar Togna was conquered and occupied by the Empire, forcing him to flee as a refugee. Desiring to strike back at the Empire, Edrio and Benthic have allied with Saw Gerrera."

We still don't know how significant he'll be in Rogue One's story, but I'm guessing that he's probably one of those minor characters that you'll only see in a few scenes.


Resistance fighters (Felicity Jones, Diego Luna) embark on a daring mission to steal the Empire's plans for the Death Star.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on December 16, 2016.