New Batman Game From WB Montreal Reportedly Debuting in DC's Fandome

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With all the excitement surrounding the Suicide Squad video game coming from Rocksteady, it's easy to forget that a proper Batman game has been teased by Warner Bros. Montreal. Frankly, we can't blame anyone for forgetting that game or thinking that it's not real but that rumored Batman: Arkham title might finally be revealed.

According to Bloomberg writer Jason Schreier, known for his extensive and well-researched gaming articles from Kotaku, we might see the game on DC's Fandome event.

Schreier added some context to the Suicide Squad game announcement, saying that the title was originally worked on by WB Montreal before getting canceled and then picked up by the folks at Rocksteady. He then mentions that Court of Owls game, bringing up how this game was supposed to be a Damian Wayne-focused Batman title before getting restarted.

Having a Suicide Squad game is arguably more exciting than another Batman: Arkham title since we are curious about how a multi-person game from Rocksteady will work and if it will take place in the Arkham universe. That doesn't mean a new Batman game isn't exciting since these titles helped innovate how stealth and action games are today, with Marvel's Spider-Man and Ghost of Tsushima clearly being big influences.

One can't help but be curious about how this Batman game will innovate, especially now that the competition has gotten bigger. Still, the satisfying combat system did start with these games and we're looking forward to this new addition to the Batman: Arkham lore. We know Arkham: Origins gets a bad rep but WB Montreal did add some cool boss fights and the story itself was pretty solid.

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Credit: DC/Rocksteady

No release date for the WB Montreal Batman game has been revealed but expect some more details during DC's Fandome event, assuming Schreier is right.

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