Suicide Squad Video Game Officially Revealed by Batman: Arkham Asylum Developers

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After years - literal years - of rumors, Rocksteady Studios have finally announced their long-awaited Suicide Squad game. They only revealed some art to tease fans, with more details to come during DC's Fandome event, but when that teaser is Superman with a target on his head, you know this is going to be a wild video game. It also helps that Rocksteady made the excellent Batman: Arkham Asylum games so we know this will be of quality.

Rocksteady revealed the long-rumored game on their Twitter to the shock of many since the rumors have been around for so long that most of us have considered them fake. Still, giving us a teaser where Superman has a literal target on the back of his head is going to get DC fans talking.

One interesting detail about this Suicide Squad game teaser is that Superman's face has a weird crack on it. This could mean that the Man of Steel and his fellow teammates in the Justice League could be mind-controlled, which would be interesting. There's no way that the government would just have these characters kill Superman so we're interested in seeing where this goes.


The Suicide Squad might not have appeared in the Batman: Arkham games much but there have been some small teases. At the end of Arkham Origins, Amanda Waller actually offers Deathstroke a contract to join the group. Arkham Knight tie-in comics have also confirmed that a version of Waller's Suicide Squad exists in this universe.

Expect more news on the Suicide Squad video game during DC's Fandome event, which takes place on August 22.

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