New Art Piece Imagines Jared Leto As Bloodshot

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Word came out yesterday that Sony was in talks with Jared Leto to have the DC Extended Universe's Joker play the lead role in the studio's film adaptation of Valiant Comics' Bloodshot.

Though most fans and critics didn't really enjoy Leto's rendition of The Joker in the DCEU's poorly-received Suicide Squad, there's no doubting that the Hollywood actor's had a lot of experience starring in science fiction, fantasy and comicbook films, so it's no surprise that Sony's looking to have Leto suit up as Angelo Mortalli.

For those who find it a bit difficult to imagine Leto as a super-powered, nanobot-infused Mortalli, digital artist BossLogic has a bit of art for Comicbook showing what the Thirty Seconds To Mars vocalist might look like as bloodshot.

Check it out down here:


With bloodied hands, an open-armed Leto walks right through a field of bullets with his hair combed back and waxed in this imagining of the actor as Bloodshot, and while it's a pretty dramatic piece showing off the character's healing abilities, Leto does seem a bit too lean as the mobster-turned-nano-blooded-killing-machine.

Though Sony hasn't sealed the deal with the DCEU star just yet, it's more than likely that Leto woud train his mind and his body to become Bloodshot if he'd land the part. After all, he is a method actor. Remember that time he terrorized the Suicide Squad cast and crew with dead rats and condoms as gifts because he was trying to embody the Joker? We wonder what kind of shenanigans Leto woud bring to the Bloodshot set if the deal pushes through.

There's no release date for Bloodshot just yet but we'll keep everyone updated as soon as we get word.

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