Nevertheless Ending Explained: Song Kang, Han So Hee's Characters Reconcile + Chae Jong Hyeop's Do Hyeok Moves On

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Credit: Netflix

Nevertheless just came to an end but devoted followers of the popular K-drama series are still not over with its finale episode. Though Song Kang and Han So Hee's characters ended up together in Nevertheless Episode 10, some fans may still need the ending explained.

So, what really happened in Nevertheless Episode 10? Keep on reading to know more.

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NeverthelessEpisode 10 Recap And Ending Explained

Nevertheless Episode 10 picked up where the previous episode left off. It started with Jae Eon tearing up in the rain as Na Bi was crying inside her room. While he savors his moment under the pouring rain, Jae Eon told himself that he was the one who ruined everything.

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While most fans agree with Jae Eon's statement in Nevertheless Episode 10, others also blame Na Bi for their complicated situation. As a matter of fact, many of them reminisced the time when Na Bi constantly ignored Jae Eon when they are at the university.

Na Bi enjoyed neglecting and rejecting Jae Eon. However, as it turned out, it is the character of Song Kang who comes to the rescue whenever Han So Hee's Na Bi needed help or was in danger.

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Do Hyeok And Na Bi's Conversation In Nevertheless Episode 10

In Nevertheless Episode 10, Na Bi and Do Hyeok had a chance to talk over a drink before the former's big exhibition. The female lead character, at the time, shared how she was able to manage to save her sculpture and even gave credit to her assistants who helped her.


Do Hyeok, as usual, just listened to Na Bi as she talked. However, his female pal's statement about gaining the motivation to work again seemingly dampened his spirit. Do Hyeok, then, raised the white flag in his romantic dreams with Na Bi when he said that the latter actually enjoyed the entire time she was saving her sculpture.

Later on, Na Bi was seen preparing for the exhibition as thoughts of Jae Eon started running through her head. Nevertheless Episode 10 showed flashbacks of Na Bu and Jae Eon's sweet moments together before things between them became complicated.

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NeverthelessEpisode 10 Shows Na Bi's Undeniable Talent

Na Bi stunned many with her angelic sculpture when the exhibition day arrived. Even the professor was blown away by her exemplary talent and even praised Han So Hee's character and her assistant for fixing the masterpiece despite the short amount of time.

The professor gave Na Bi kind words and encouraged her to go to Paris to "spread her wings." The academic instructor even advised Na Bi to not overthink everything, including the things she wants.

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Do Hyeok Lets Go Of Na Bi In Nevertheless Episode 10

One of the highlights of Nevertheless Episode 10 is when Do Hyeok finally decided to let go of Na Bi. Do Hyeok followed Na Bi outside where he confronted her about her real score with Jae Eon.

Na Bi then admitted to Do Hyeok that she does like Jae Eon very much. Despite this, she is also aware that Jae Eon would not make her happy. Han So Hee's character also thanked her best friend for all the time they spent together.

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Do Hyeok, for his part, also thanked Na Bi for letting him feel all the emotions he had at the time. While Do Hyeok finally let go of his ultimate ladylove, others were celebrating with food and drinks.

Na Bi then started thinking about the situation she was in again, including all the whirlwind of events that happened earlier that day. She was also missing Jae Eon at the time.

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NeverthelessEpisode 10 Highlights Na Bi And Jae Eon's Reconciliation

Amid all the chaos they have been through, Na Bi and Jae Eon decided to cease fire and choose to just let their love speak to each other. Na Bi confronted Jae Eon about his behavior and wrongdoings.

It was also in Nevertheless Episode 10 when Na Bi asked Jae Eon about his intentions as she could not get the whole point of their budding romance. However, instead of hanging on to Jae Eon's past mistakes, Na Bi chose to acknowledge the fact that she feels better whenever he is around.

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Na Bi also said that she and Jae Eon should date like how other normal couple does even if it would make her regret in the end. Nevertheless Episode 10 ended with Jae Eon suggesting to Na Bi that they should own a cat together. However, Na Bi jokingly said that he is banned from owning more pets, especially butterflies.

Will Song Kang And Han So Hee Return In Nevertheless Season 2?

It remains to be seen if JTBC will renew Nevertheless for another season. If so, it is highly likely that the storyline would center on the relationship of Na Bi and Jae Eon now that they are officially a couple.

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