Netflix Reportedly Developing A Diablo Series

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Netflix did pretty well with the anime-adaptation of the classic video game Castlevania, and now it looks like the streaming company is looking to add another video game series adaptation on the site. Rumor has it, that video game just might be Blizzard's Diablo and now, word on the street says that the series might have just found its writer.

According to a report by Revenge of the Fans, Netflix has just asked Hellboy screenwriter Andrew Cosby to work on their rumored Diablo series. Aside from that, there isn't that much information about the rumored series. However, if the rumor that Cosby has been tapped for the Diablo adaptation is true, then it looks like that Netflix has begun work on the show.

While fans are advised to take this new tidbit of information with a grain of salt, there's been a lot of hype surrounding the Diablo franchise ever since the recent reveal on Nintendo Switch. Not only that, but Blizzcon is on its way, and if the rumor does prove to be true, then Diablo videogamers might be able to get some sort of confirmation from the video game developer soon. After all, if Blizzard would make a reveal, then it would be at Blizzcon.

Do you think we'll be getting a Diablo series announcement this year? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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