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NCIS: Sydney Is Happening On Paramount+, Network 10 This 2023

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The announcement of NCIS: Sydney caused joy among the public across the Land Down Under. As it happens, the NCIS series remains a highly-rated show not only in the United States but also in some other parts of the globe.

The original material is one of the longest-running television shows to date. But, despite this, it still continues to beat other titles in terms of ratings and viewership records.

As of now, the entire franchise houses 19 installments for the original title. It also features three other spin-offs, which are based in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Hawaii.

With the confirmation of the Sydney spin-off, this marks the franchise’s first-ever expansion in the international space.

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About NCIS: Sydney

CBS is home to the NCIS materials. But, for NCIS: Sydney, Cartermatt said that Paramount+ and Network 10 are working on it.

In the official announcement of the new spin-off, the public has learned that the upcoming show would feature local stories and local actors. This appears to fulfill the goal of capturing Australian viewers, while continuing to engage with viewers outside Australia.

NCIS: Los Angeles creator Shane Brennan will lead the production of the international spin-off. It reportedly makes total sense, considering that he happens to be Australian.

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Not A Shocking Expansion

The same publication noted, though, that it is not shocking to learn and see NCIS: Sydney happening. What is said to be more surprising is that an international expansion to the NCIS franchise “has not happened already.”

It argued, however, that this is likely due to the distribution processes. As asserted, “some of it may have depended on the existence of a streaming empire” to handle such matters.

Whatever the case, though, one thing is for sure, and that the Sydney spin-off is, indeed, coming to Australian homes.

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Production And Release Date

There is little information about the spin-off’s timetable. But, ABC News reported that production and filming will begin later this year.

As for the release date, no official word has been given yet. But, reports have claimed that NCIS: Sydney will likely premiere on Paramount+ and Network 10 sometime in 2023.

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