Narco-Saints Episode 5 Recap: Park Hae Soo’s Team Introduces New Undercover

Credit: Netflix Asia / YouTube screenshot

Credit: Netflix Asia / YouTube screenshot

Viewers witnessed another round of twists and turns as Narco-Saints episode 5 showcased a new undercover agent who is working for the NIS.

Directed by Yoon Jong Bin of The Spy Gone North and KUNDO : Age of the Rampant, the action crime series depicts the story of a civilian entrepreneur who gets entangled in a deadly operation between the NIS and Suriname’s biggest drug cartel.

Where to Watch Narco-Saints?

Released on September 9, Narco-Saints is a six-part episode K-drama, starring Ha Jung Woo, Park Hae Soo as the protagonist, and Hwang Jung Min as the villain.

Joining the trio are Yoo Yeon Seok, Jo Woo Jin, Taiwanese actor Chang Chen and more.

Narco-Saints is a Netflix original series, hence the action-crime K-drama can be exclusively streamed through the platform.

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Narco-Saints Episode 5 Recap

As the series gets to the finale episode, Narco-Saints episode 5 showcased Kang In Gu’s persuasion powers to convince Pastor Jeon Yo Hwan to go with their plan–and that is to use the route going to the Puerto Rico borders.

At the beginning of the episode, the pastor visited Chinatown to propose a deal to Chang Zhen.

He wanted his help to transport the goods safely outside South America going to South Korea.

Being mortal enemies, the Chinese drug lord turned down the offer, pointing out that he will never trust the pastor or his word.

Moreover, Chang Zhen emphasized that he wanted to see the pastor dead to take control of meth and cocaine in Suriname.

As for Pastor Jeon Yo Hwan, he claims that he will never take over his kingdom due to his connections, especially with the president, with this, Chang Zhen had no option but to take on the offer on one condition.

He wanted the pastor to turn over his right-hand man to them.

It can be recalled that his trusted man, Byun Ki Tae, used to be in Chang Zhen’s group but switched sides and became the pastor’s, right-hand man.

With their new agreement, David Park is the one communicating to Chang Zhen regarding the delivery of the goods and his special request.

On the other hand, seeing that the pastor is making a deal with the Chinese group, Kang In Gu made an interesting proposal to Chang Zhen, and that is to take over the cocaine business by killing the pastor.

Because of greed, Chang Zhen caved in and made a deal with Kang In Gu and revealed the plans of the pastor.

In Narco-Saints episode 5, tension rose after Chang Zen trapped Jeon Yo Hwan, killing his men and stealing the narcotics.

Unfortunately for him, Jeon Yo Hwan escaped along with David Park while Byun Ki Tae, who was the target of Zheng’s men, escaped the planned assasination.

As for Pastor Jeon Yo Hwan, he used his connection to retaliate against the Chinese group.

He sought help from Suriname’s president and asked his troops to infiltrate Chinatown with a promise of securing that he will be re-elected in the position.

Lo and behold, several army tanks barged into Chinatown and killed the drug dealers.

Chang Zhen also called Kang In Gu for help and went with Byun Ki Tae who was the one who shot the Chinese drug lord in front of him.

In Narco-Saints episode 5, NIS agent Choi Chang Ho revealed that Byun Ki Tae was one of them and has been their undercover for years and managed to work with both parties to get information.

With the help of Byun Ki Tae, Kang In Gu will once again push the Puerto Rico option for the pastor.

His convincing powers led Jeon Yo Hwan to reconsider the plan as there are no other options to transport the narcotics outside South America.

After making a deal with Sangnam, who is also agent Choi Chang Ho, the NIS gears up for their much-awaited plan. However, in the last scene, Lee Sang Jun, one of the pastor’s loyal men sensed something about Kang In Gu and Byun Ki Tae.

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