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Kang Tae Oh Relationship: Extraordinary Attorney Woo Star Dishes On Experiencing Unrequited Love

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Credit: Elle Korea / YouTube screenshot

Kang Tae Oh gets honest as the Extraordinary Attorney Woo star spoke about experiencing unrequited love.

It's surprising that with his charming looks, the 28-year-old actor had his fair share of struggles in relationships.

Interestingly, he opened up about his past and also gave tips on moving on from a breakup during his appearance for Elle Korea.

Kang Tae Oh has a pictorial with the publication for their September issue where he showed off his different and bold side.

However, in Elle Korea’s YouTube video, he was asked about his experience and thoughts about romances.

Kang Tae Oh Reveals Being a Victim of One-Sided Love

As obtained by SBS News, the actor has to answer random questions about relationships from the Elle Korea team, one of which is about unrequited love.

He was asked how to cut the person out of her/his life and honestly tell the person that she/he doesn't reciprocate the feelings towards the person.

Kang Tae Oh explained that the person would surely know that they are being “intentionally rejected” and feel the distance between both of them.

Surprisingly, he talked about his experience and confessed that he was once in that same situation.

"I personally have an experience of liking someone who doesn't like me back. I also have been indirectly rejected by girls in the past,” Kang Tae Oh revealed.

He didn't give further details as to when this happened, but the actor continued with his love advice.

“If I were you, I would tell them straight; be completely honest with them.,” he said, adding “Otherwise, you could just string them along even though that wasn't what you were meant to do.”

Kang Tae Oh also pointed out that giving a firm yet honest answer wouldn't give the person false hope.

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Is Kang Tae Oh Single?

Although the actor did not reveal if he is currently dating or not, chances are Kang Tae Oh might be single since there are no dating rumors circulating in the media right now.

In addition, he is set to be enlisted this September as the actor personally shared on his first virtual fan meeting that he will officially enter the army on September 20.

While the ENA series Extraordinary Attorney Woo is his last project, he is looking forward to his new movie Open the Door with Shin Hye Sun.

Directed by Feng Shui and Catman film, Park Hee Gon, Kang Tae Oh will transform as Detective Na in the thriller crime film.

As of this writing, the premiere date is yet to be confirmed but it will surely debut at the time that Kang Tae Oh is serving as an active duty soldier.

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