Narco-Saints Episode 4: Ha Jung Woo Receives Surprising Proposal From Hwang Jung Min

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Narco-Saints episode 4 continues with surprising twists and turns as Ha Jung Woo, Park Hae Soo and Hwang Jung Min’s team sets out a new plan to deliver the narcotics outside South Korea.

The six part episode depicts the journey of a businessman who found himself in the middle of a secret operation of the NIS versus the most wanted drug lord in South Korea.

Narco-Saints Cast

In the Netflix original series, Ha Jung Woo took the role of genius entrepreneur Kang In Gu who planned on making more money by starting his skate fish business in Suriname but was imprisoned after he got connected to Pastor Jeon Yo Hwan who is also Suriname’s biggest cocaine dealer.

Along with him is his legal adviser David Park played by Yoo Yeon Seok from Hospital Playlist and his right hand Byun Ki Tae, portrayed by Jo Woo Jin.

Meanwhile, Kang In Gu works along with the authorities led by NIS agent Choi Chang Ho, played by Squid Game star Park Hae Soo.

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Narco-Saints Episode 4 Recap:

The fourth episode continues with the encounter between the authorities and the pastor’s team after they were caught red-handed at the Brazilian borders.

However, it was part of the NIS’ plan to seize the money and the two-ton cocaine, which is set to be delivered outside South America.

The bloodshed occurred after Pastor Jeon Yo Hwan’s escort came and took the first shot against authorities.

While this is a successful step with the NIS, Kang In Gu felt that his life was at stake.

As they return to Pastor Jeon Yo Hwan’s hideout, he thinks that someone from the team has been leaking information to the police.

Initially, he first thought that it might be Kang In Gu but he was able to get away from it through his smooth talks.

With this, he and NIS agent Choi Chang Ho set out a new plan to divert the attention of the pastor; however, Kang In Gu wanted to call it quits with Jeon Yo Hwan.

Surprisingly it seems like the tables have turned for Kang In Gu after he received an offer to be his partner.

It came after Kang In Gu saw a massive land filled with plants that would be use in cocaine.

Pastor Jeon Yo Hwan said that in three years, it will be operational and will be one of the biggest cocaine distributors in the world.

As for Kang In Gu, he was offered to be the managing director of the pastor and will receive 10 percent of the earnings. It means that he could get twice as much from what he will get from the NIS.

With the generous offer, it seems like Kang In Gu wants to switch sides to give his family a better future.

On the other hand, the conversation between the two was heard by NIS agent Choi Chang Ho and his team.

The NIS sensed that Kang In Gu might switch sides since the pastor planned on giving Kang In Gu a hefty amount of money from the cocaine trading.

NIS agent Choi Chang Ho immediately called Kang In Gu to clarify whether they are still on the same page and with the same goal of stopping drug trading but he is tight-lipped about his plan.

As Narco-Saints episode 4 continues, Pastor Jeon Yo Hwan wanted to ditch Choi Chang Ho and his deal with him; however, if he agreed to call off their deal, it means that the whole operation is wasted.

To keep the pastor, he mentioned that they will set out a new route using the borders of Puerto Rico, but David Park raised that the U.S might be involved in this because of the treaty.

After a series of conservation and trying to convince the pastor about the new plan; fortunately, he agreed to continue with the deal.

Despite pursuing the deal, agent Choi Chang Ho heard through the bugging device that the pastor is on to something that Kang In Gu didn't know.

In the last scene of Narco-Saints episode 4, Pastor Jeon Yo Hwan was seen by Kang In Gu visiting Chinese meth trader Chen Zhen’s hideout, and it seems like they are setting up an agreement.

Will the new agreement between the pastor and the Chinese drug lord affect their plan to capture Jeon Yo Hwan?

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