Nam Joo Hyuk Also Bullied Suzy? Actor's Past Remarks About Actress Goes Viral Amid Bullying Allegations

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Nam Joo Hyuk has been subject to condemnation after two of his alleged bullying victims came forward recently.

Two accusers recently made buzzes after outing Nam Joo Hyuk’s alleged bullying when he was in middle and high school. Both of them claimed that the Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo actor bullied them in different ways, including physically hurting them and making them run errands for him and his friends.

While his agency dismissed both allegations, the actor took the spotlight again for his past action toward Suzy.

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Nam Joo Hyuk’s Past Remark Toward Suzy Catches People’s Attention

Amid the issues, Wikitree shared a video of Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy while filming the drama, Start-Up. tvN Drama uploaded the making-film on Dec. 6, 2020.


The clip shows the two stars as they film their kissing scene on a rooftop of a building.

After one take, Nam Joo Hyuk asks what she ate for lunch, embarrassing her. The former Miss A member tells him she had noodles before asking him if she smells like that.

Nam Joo Hyuk queries if she ate Samhap, and Suzy eventually taps his arm since she has no idea why he asks such a question after a kiss scene.

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In South Korea, samhap is a fermented fish dish served with kimchi and pork belly. It is a specialty of Jeolla province and is known for its strong ammonia-like odor.

With that, Suzy’s fans said Nam Joo Hyuk was too rude to say that the idol-turned-actress seemingly ate samhap despite telling him that she only had noodles. It reportedly implied that Suzy smelled.

Meanwhile, the YouTube channel Sojang alleged that Nam Joo Hyuk actually made a back-handed jock since Jeolla province is Suzy’s hometown.

This stirred more issues as Nam Joo Hyuk still has not personally addressed the recent bullying issues.


Nam Joo Hyuk’s Agency Releases New Statement About 2nd Accuser

Before the issue with Suzy emerged, Management SOOP responded to the alleged second victim’s claims and said that the claims were groundless. It was a major change in response as the company immediately sued the first accuser.


"The second allegation against Nam Joo Hyuk on school violence that was raised the previous day is groundless. We have nothing to say about that. As of now, we maintain the position that it is groundless. That is all,” it said.

For what it’s worth, Management SOOP reportedly sued victim A soon after releasing the bullying claims. According to victim B, the company recklessly took legal action without checking on Nam Joo Hyuk’s real behavior in the past.

Now, Nam Joo Hyuk’s social media accounts have been receiving queries from fans who want to hear his explanation.

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