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My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission Drops English Dubbed Trailer

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Just as My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission gets a release date in the US, the Japanese box-office hit drops its English dubbed trailer and a lot of fans of the anime title get more excited for the arrival of the movie in America and Canada, opening more doors for possibly the largest film of the franchise.

The official Twitter page of My Hero Academia shared that the third film of the franchise will be having an English dubbed version courtesy of Funimation and World Heroes Mission shows the students of UA Academy into a whole new level as they team up with various professional heroes around the globe to take down a new threat: a cult named Humarize. Izuku "Deku" Midoriya, Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki's trio lead the pack as they face a much larger villain this time.

In the same announcement, the film is proud to share where the tickets for the movie could be availed of. Looking at how popular the title is and how many fans are looking forward to the movie, with less than a month on the calendar, tickets will surely be better reserved or bought beforehand to be sure that you can watch the upcoming movie.

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The film was released in Japan last August 6th which means there is more to come for the box office hit now that it is about to be released globally in various countries through Funimation.

The release date of My Hero Academia 3: World Heroes Mission in the US and Canada is scheduled on October 29, 2021, it would be out the same day for those in the United Kingdom and in Ireland, and if you're situated in either New Zealand or Australia, it would be released one day earlier on October 28. Funimation also plans to release the film In Latin America and Scandinavia in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and more.

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