My Hero Academia 3: World Heroes Mission Gets US Release Date

Credit: Bones/ Toho Animation

Credit: Bones/ Toho Animation

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After My Hero Academia 3: World Heroes Mission easily stole the box office in Japan securing more than bagged around $9 million USD or 940 million yen on its opening weekend, it is finally arriving to the US and Canada as it gets an official release date for the distribution of the film across the globe, opening more doors for what is anticipated to be the largest film of the franchise.

Many fans are already loving the largest anime theatrical release of My Hero Academia 3: World Heroes Mission and those who are overseas are excited as to when it would be released in their respective regions. Everyone, rejoice, as Funimation finally released a press release stating that My Hero Academia 3: World Heroes Mission will be coming to the US and Canada and all over the globe this fall after it has been released in Japan last August 6.

In the press release, it is proudly announced, "My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission, from Toho Co Ltd., continues the journey of the young heroes-in-training as they try to save the world in a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat addition to this global phenomenon franchise. The film, shown in both English subtitles and dub, arrives in more than 1,500 theaters in the United States and Canada on October 29."

The CEO for Funimation's Global Group, Colin Decker, also shared his sentiment about the release of the film, "Funimation brought My Hero Academia to U.S. audiences and has championed the anime through all five television seasons on Funimation, three movie releases, merchandise, and the rise of an incredible community of fans."

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Decker added, "We're proud to team up with Toho and the production committee to deliver another outstanding adventure for Deku, Bakugo, and the characters from the My Hero Academia universe that fans have come to love."

My Hero Academia 3: World Heroes Mission focuses on the students of UA Academy to a whole new level as they team up with various professional heroes around the globe to take down a new threat: a cult named Humarize. Izuku "Deku" Midoriya, Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki's trio lead the pack as they face a much larger villain this time.

The release date of My Hero Academia 3: World Heroes Mission in the US and Canada is scheduled on October 29, 2021, it would be out the same day for those in the United Kingdom and in Ireland, and if you're situated in either New Zealand or Australia, it would be released one day earlier on October 28. Funimation also plans to release the film In Latin America and Scandinavia in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and more.

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