My Hero Academia Season 6 Releases First Teaser After Season 5 Finale

Credit: Bones

Credit: Bones

Just as the finale episode of Season 5 aired, the first teaser of My Hero AcademiaSeason 6 releases and it perfectly sets up what is in store for the next run of the anime. An exchange of thrilling lines between Deku and Shiggy is featured along with some key visuals for the upcoming installment of the show which seems to be entering the Paranormal Liberation War arc from the manga series.

In the teaser, we see Shiggy telling Deku, "I'll destroy everything," and in return, Deku replies, "I'll use everything I have to stop you." The same lines have been teased in the latest edition of the Weekly Shonen Jump. There seems to be an upcoming war between the villains and heroes which is fitting after the invasion of the villains.

My Hero Academia Season 5 finale, The High, Deep Blue Sky, featured the UA Class A Students who have a showdown of quirks that they learned from their respective internships while facing the Paranormal Liberation Front led by Shigaraki as the main antagonist.

From the way the finale of Season 5 set up the future of My Hero Academia, the direction it is going to seems to be towards the adaptation of the Paranormal Liberation War arc coming from the manga series from chapter 253 until 306.

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While it has been confirmed that there would be Season 6 for My Hero Academia, there is no definitive release date yet for the said installment of the show. Still, let's not rush anything as looking at the time between season 4 and season 5, there was a one-year gap in between the two and if and when the same thing happens for season 6, the earliest we could have the said run would be, at least, fall of 2022.

My Hero Academia Season 5 finale is now streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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