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How Many Quirks Does Gigantomachia Have In My Hero Academia?

Since My Hero Academia started, the series introduced various characters that anime and manga fans loved and sometimes hated. There are numerous heroes with interesting quirks and villains with threatening abilities.

One of the recently added characters in the story is Gigantomachia. He is a villain and one of All For One’s servants. He was cultivated to protect Tomura Shigaraki. He was with the League of Villains when they joined the Meta Liberation Army. At first glance, viewers will notice his enormous size and muscular build. He has spiky brown hair that looks like a part of a rock.

How Many Quirks Does Gigantomachia Have In My Hero Academia?

How Many Quirks Does Gigantomachia Have In My Hero Academia? 1
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In terms of quirks, Gigantomachia was known to have 7 of those that make him a strong villain. He was even a bodyguard for All For One. The quirks are as follows:

  1. Mole – This quirk allows Gigantomachia to develop mole-like claws from his fingers. There will also be spines on his back and a visor on his face to serve as a shield. This ability lets him dig through the Earth and tear buildings and other possible obstacles. He usually uses this quirk to hide underground.
  2. Energy Saver – This quirk lets Gigantomachia function from using small amounts of hydration and nutrition. He can even process without getting enough sleep.
  3. Fierce Gains – The quirk allows him to harden his muscles.
  4. Dog – The quirk was an incarnation of Ryo Inui’s quirk. This ability lets him enhance his hearing and smell, like a dog.
  5. Gigantification – When he uses this quirk, he can grow into a bigger size. This happens whenever he is excited or agitated.
  6. Endurance – This is his original quirk that allows him to convert his morale into stamina and physical energy.
  7. Pain Blocker – From the name itself, this quirk lets Gigantomachia not experience pain at all.

Gigantomachia is a unique individual who can hold multiple quirks. This makes him a tough opponent and allows him to defeat various heroes. He also has other abilities like immense speed and durability.

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