Fans Criticize My Hero Academia Season 6's Animation Quality

My Hero Academia Season 6 Animation Quality Deku

My Hero Academia Season 6 Animation Quality Deku

Some fans have been critical of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 9’s animation quality, though many fans are also loving the events that are heating up in My Hero Academia's latest season, especially Bakugo's much-awaited moment.

On Twitter, there have been many discussion threads about the latest episode’s events.

While there’s a lot of hype given what happened, there are several posts that are not happy with the perceived step-down in animation.

Spoiler Warning: There are My Hero Academia Episode 122 (Season 6 Episode 9) spoilers in this article.

How Fans Are Liking My Hero Academia Season 6 Overall

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If you need a refresher, Episode 122 sees Eraser Head brutally cut off his leg to stop the effects of the Quirk-Destroying Drug.

Still, Shigaraki manages to slice one of his eyes. This meant Shigaraki can now regenerate his wounds.

Shigaraki’s battle with the heroes continues, and he tries to wipe everyone out.

But at the same time, Deku is able to unlock another One For All ability, which is Nana Shimura’s Float Quirk.

With this and the Blackwhip Quirk, Deku manages to pull Shigaraki up in the air.

Deku and Shigaraki continue to fight in the air and Deku unleashes his full power on Shigaraki.

After this, Endeavor tries to finish off Shigaraki with Prominence Burn. But these attacks aren’t enough as All For One reaches out to Shigaraki, and he manages to drive Endeavor away.

Shigaraki then attacks Deku who is defenseless, but Bakugo quickly pushes him out of the way, so Bakugo gets stabbed by the attack instead.

The episode ends on this cliffhanger.

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My Hero Academia Season 6 Animation Quality Issues

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Many manga fans have been waiting for this moment as it is a callback to Deku saving Bakugo in the opening parts of the series.

Only this time, Bakugo has matured enough that he is now the one to selflessly save Deku.

The reaction to this scene is mostly positive among fans, at least story-wise.

But when it comes to animation, there are several posts on Twitter with fans complaining about the animation quality.

Specifically, fans have complained about the lack of detail in the fight sequences, especially when compared to the manga.

There have even been comparisons with Mob Psycho 100 given that both shows are animated by studio Bones.

Despite the complaints, some fans defended the animation quality of My Hero Academia Season 6, with some saying that the complaints are cherry-picked and are only based on still frames.

While there’s an ongoing debate about the show’s animation quality, it seems that fans agree that the story is riveting at this stage.

This means many are still anticipating the next My Hero Academia episode which will be released next week.

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